Woman tries to take 'emotional support peacock' on United Airlines flight

Nick Reilly

This is the bizarre moment that a woman attempted to take an ‘emotional support’ peacock on a United Airlines flight, before her unusual request was politely declined.

Footage shows the unnamed woman walking through Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, with the bird sitting calmly on her shoulder as she pushes her luggage.

The bird reportedly had its own assigned seat, but was ultimately denied access as the woman attempted to board the plane.

One bemused traveller is heard to say in the footage: ’What the hell. I’m not kidding, a woman is wrangling her peacock in the airport.’

The woman reportedly attempted to board the flight with the peacock (The Jet Set)
The peacock is seen sitting on top of the woman’s luggage (The Jet Set)

In a statement, United said: ‘This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size. We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport.’

Commenting on the video, which was posted by Facebook by The Jet Set, one user wrote: ‘I mean I get the emotional support pet thing but seriously I understand there has to be a line drawn otherwise someone can bring an emotional support python or boa constrictor.

‘I know I would NOT be in a good emotional state on a flight trapped next to someone with an emotional support tarantula.’

Under traditional aviation laws, the only service animals allowed on flights are dogs – although a turkey was permitted on a Delta Air Lines flight in 2016.