Woman's expert advice for keeping cool during summer using surprising item

Too hot.
Struggling with the heat? We have the perfect trick for you -Credit:Getty

A savvy woman has shared her expert tip for keeping cool in the summer evenings using a rather unusual home essential.

When it comes to the humid summer nights in the UK, many people struggle to doze off at night due to the sweltering heat and lack of cool breeze. It can be a true pain lying in bed at night feeling unable to sleep - and this doesn't just happen during the summer.

So, how do you keep cool throughout the night without using up all your energy on an electric fan? That's easy, just grab a hot water bottle - seriously.

One woman, who goes by @__court363x on TikTok, suggested this rather unique hack but instead of filling it with boiling water, she put normal water in and placed it in the freezer instead. In the caption, the woman wrote: "Little life hack for in this warm weather - works wonders for when those sleepless nights are too hot."

This eight-second long video has been viewed a whopping 406,800 times on TikTok since its initial post three days ago - and the comments section is full to the brim as well.

This trick seems to be a golden one according to the comments, but some viewers did attach warnings to their replies when viewing the video.

One person warned: "Make sure you dont use boiling water in it after got more chance of exploding." The original poster replied: "Yeah of course I’m aware of this I only use this small one for freezing."

Another said: "This i s actually so smart!" And a third added: "I’ve been doing this that past few years as a fibro sufferer it is honestly the best thing when too hot!"

A fourth noted: "You genius."

Would you give this not so hot water bottle hack a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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