The 'wonderful' ex-hamlet which is Huddersfield's hair salon capital and packed with chatty people

For some, Moldgreen is the place to go and for a trim or a perm, but it offers much more than just hair salons and barbers.

There are takeaways and restaurants, pubs and clubs, a bakery, general stores, thriving church congregations, a Post Office, as well as at least half a dozen hair salons and barbers.

On Friday morning, Broad Lane in Moldgreen was bustling with people, many of them chatting to one another in the street. The hair salons were busy and people were enjoying the sunshine in the Huddersfield suburb which was once a small hamlet.

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Maureen, a pensioner who was waiting for a bus, loves Moldgreen because it's on a good bus route so she can easily get into town which is about a mile away.

"You can walk to town if you are fit," she joked. "We are wonderful people, aren't we," she asked of her friend. "I don't know why it is called 'mold' and 'green'."

Discarded sofa in Moldgreen. Residents have expressed concerns about fly-tipping -Credit:Yorkshire Live
Discarded sofa in Moldgreen. Residents have expressed concerns about fly-tipping -Credit:Yorkshire Live

Vivien Newiss and Pat Keane were chatting outside the Post Office when YorkshireLive caught up with them. They think Moldgreen is the go-to place for hair dressing. There are at least six to choose from, perhaps more, including one called Mad Nev's.

Pat and Vivien think Moldgreen has a lot going for it, not least the number of shops to choose from. They say local churchgoers play an important part in community life.

Neither Pat nor Vivien know how the area came to have such a funny sounding name. Once upon a time it was known as Mould Green/Mold Green and was a hamlet in the Kirkheaton parish. Around a century or so ago it became known as Moldgreen and the odd name still raises a smile among those unfamiliar with the parish.

Pat and Vivien say that Moldgreen is the kind of place that people will always stop for a chat. "People look out for each other," says Pat. "When you are walking around, people will stop and speak to you," adds Vivien. "And since I have had the dog (Wilfred, a West Highland Terrier), I have had more friends."

Vivien Newiss and Pat Keane pictured in Moldgreen with Wilfred, a West Highland Terrier -Credit:Yorkshire Live
Vivien Newiss and Pat Keane pictured in Moldgreen with Wilfred, a West Highland Terrier -Credit:Yorkshire Live

One thing that Moldgreen doesn't seem to be short of is retail premises of one kind or another, although one or two seem to be boarded-up or under renovation.

Those in need of a trim will find Hair City, Mark Wild Hair Design, Avenu Hair, HeadQuarters, Tangles, and Mad Nev's. There's also a nail bar and an alternative/complementary therapies business called Healing Hands,

Mad Nev's - formerly known as Crossland Hairdressing - has been going for years and is run by Pete Crossland, son of Mad Nev, and Pete's wife Eleanor. If you do venture inside it's like stepping back in time as Pete has created a mini-museum of old hairdressing equipment and bottles and there are photographs on the wall featuring Moldgreen going back decades.

Eleanor enjoys working in Moldgreen and said: "It's great, it's alright. There's no trouble."

Moldgreen residents will tell you that they are proud of the area they live in. And they don't like it when people make a mess.

John Nash, 72, who has lived in Huddersfield for over 50 years, says that, in some respects, Moldgreen has 'deteriorated' over the years. He says fly-tipping, roadside weeds, potholes and pub closures are some examples of things have changed.

He remembers when the Jolly Sailor and Junction pubs were still going. There's still the Brooks Arms, Moldgreen Liberal Club, and Moldgreen Conservative Club up Almondbury Bank.

Asked about the alleged deterioration in Moldgreen, he said: "I think the general upkeep of it - I put it down to the council.

"There's a lot of rubbish (on the streets) and weeds. Moldgreen has kept its shops and I do shop local. The general upkeep is the problem. Some people have no respect for themselves."

There were a couple of stray sofas on the pavement on Friday morning, along with bits of cardboard and the usual drinks cans, but most streets seemed fairly tidy.

John says he likes Moldgreen, despite his concerns about the mess.

"People are friendly. And you can walk into town for a bit of exercise. It's ok."