'World's first female jet suit pilot' hopes to inspire other women

"When I found out that I was going to be the first woman to go off-tether and actually fly the jet suit in solo flight I was really excited because that's a title that I'll be able to hold onto forever," Coates said.

"When I fly a jet suit it's kind of like bringing the world's future and past and dreams all together into one and there's nothing else, there's no way to describe it until you've actually done it yourself. I would say 'magic'," she added.

The Jet Suit Race Series will see six pilots racing round a course of inflatable gates and arches against each other and the clock.

Coates, a former professional snowboarder, says she hopes her example will inspire other woman to follow their dreams.

The International Jet Suit Race Series begins in Bermuda on 21 March.