World's first head transplant patient explains why he changed his mind about surgery

Val Spiridonov previously volunteered for the world’s first head transplant (ITV)
Val Spiridonov previously volunteered for the world’s first head transplant (ITV)

A terminally ill man has revealed to Good Morning Britain why he changed his mind about having the world’s first ever head transplant.

Speaking from Florida today, Val Spiridonov – who suffers from a muscle-wasting disease – had volunteered to undergo the procedure at the hands of Italian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero. But he has since changed his mind after falling in love and having a child.

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Spiridonov explained to Richard Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins: “Life goes on. I have my own things to do, I cannot wait for the surgery forever. My condition seems stable, some plans changed.

“In my life appeared a woman who I fell in love with. I’m happy to say I’m married and I have a beautiful kid now and now I am in charge of my own company.”

He added that he still supports Dr Canavero’s research and that he thinks recent advancements in procedures will allow paraplegics around the world to walk again.

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“This is about fixing the spinal cord after some sort of trauma or some sort of disease. I think this should be supported and talked about.”

However, despite changing his mind about the surgery for now, he said he wouldn’t rule out taking part in the procedure in the future.

“But right now I have too much responsibility in front of my family and my company,” The Russian added. “I cannot do this right now because I cannot leave them without my attention even for a few months for recuperation. Still, I believe in the future this kind of surgery will be used to save lives.”

On his recent life changes, he said: “Yes, I have become a really happy person. I have moved to the United States to Florida. I am getting my Master’s Degree here. I want to do more for humanity while I’m alive.

“I can do more professional IT ventures, like I’m doing in my company now. I believe with me or without me this technology will meet the patients.”