The worst team in Crystal Maze history failed to win a single crystal

Mike P Williams

The search is over for the worst ever The Crystal Maze team because Richard Ayoade has found them.

During this week’s episode of the revamped show, history was made as it featured the worst team that had ever assembled on the quick-thinking programme.

The most recent team of five hopeless contestants were the first in the show’s 28-year existence to get the end without having won a single crystal along the way.

To anyone who watches the programme, they’ll know that each crystal the accumulate across the show adds up to give them time in the dome.

It was a record-breaking show, but for all the wrong reasons. (Channel 4)

‘No one has ever reached this stage with zero seconds,’ host Ayoade, 40, mocked.

After some embarrassed laughter and self-applause, the presenter said: ‘I mean, I’m proud of you.’

‘I will start the fans, then I will immediately ask the fans to stop,’ he explained over the team’s laughter.

And further explained that they could start collecting tokens in their allotted zero seconds.

He then illustrated – much to his own and the contestants’ amusement – that he’d be blowing the start and stop whistles at precisely the same time.

It was a record-breaking show, but for all the wrong reasons. (Channel 4)

‘I’ve had to fly in an auxiliary whistle for this situation,’ he said.

As Ayoade began saying, ‘If you manage to get any tokens within that segment–‘ he was interrupted by a team member with ‘–we’ll be another record-breaker!’

The group were breaking all sorts of records, as they also became the first team to have the same member locked in a room twice.

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