WWE star The Undertaker retires after WrestleMania defeat

The Undertaker has called time on his career after a 27-year run that saw him become one of wrestling's most popular and enduring stars.

He lost his last match to Roman Reigns at WWE's WrestleMania event in Orlando, Florida - only his second loss at the showpiece event.

After his defeat, he left his trademark gloves, coat and hat in the middle of the ring and went to hug his wife, Michelle McCool.

The Undertaker, otherwise known as Mark William Calaway, made his debut with the WWF, the WWE's forerunner, at 1990's Survivor Series.

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A multiple champion, the 52-year-old became a favourite with generations of fans.

The 6ft 10in Texas native dropped out of university in 1986 and considered playing professional basketball in Europe before deciding to become a wrestler.

He competed in the WCW series as "Mean Mark" Callous from 1989 to 1990 before joining the more popular WWF.

Calaway is instantly recognisable to wrestling fans for his horror-themed appearance, though he changed his image to a biker in the 2000s before reverting to his previous look.

Tweeting after his big finale, he said: "There will never be a undertaker again, I leave on my final last ride with WWE . I say 'May my legacy Rest in peace'."