'X Factor': Outrage as early favourites eliminated

X Factor favourites Misunderstood were sent home on Sunday (REX)
X Factor favourites Misunderstood were sent home on Sunday (REX)

X Factor viewers were left outraged tonight as two of the early favourite acts to win were sent home.

Robbie Williams was absent yet again due to tour obligations, and one of his and the show’s most popular acts this year – duo Misunderstood bowed out.

Stephan Benson and Jeffrey Okyere, who had previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, had continuously wowed fans with their original songs, dance moves and vocals. They were an early bookies choice to win the show, and each of the judges looked stunned as it was announced that they had been voted out.

Nile Rodgers, who is standing-in as the Groups mentor while Williams tours, was speechless before finally saying that he genuinely thought the pair would win the show.

While Williams wife, Ayda Field said: “That was a shock! This will be an awkward conversation with Robbie later.”

Gio’s luck ran out on tonight’s X Factor. (REX)
Gio’s luck ran out on tonight’s X Factor. (REX)

Then came the second shocker of the night, as Overs contestant Giovanni Spano was this week’s act to be eliminated as a result of the ‘sing-off.’

Losing out to A Star, teen duo Acacia and Aaliyah, the Bat Out of Hell West End performer was another firm favourite, and has an avid fan online following.

The aspiring rock star gracefully thanked the judges and viewers before declaring “Rock and Roll is not dead.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their outrage at the voting outcome, with some even saying they would ‘stop watching’ X Factor for the remainder of the series.

But these shock eliminations were far from the only surprising moments of the episode. First up was a less than enthusiastic performance from Canadian crooner Michael Bublé, who confirmed he is NOT retiring after all. This comes a month after Bublé said in a Daily Mail interview that he would be retiring in the wake of his young son’s cancer battle.

Fans were overjoyed to hear he will not be retiring from music, but also concerned over his unusually lacklustre rendition of ‘When I Fall in Love.’

Meanwhile X Factor veteran judge and executive producer Simon Cowell stunned viewers when he admitted he was embarrassed of the show.

When giving feedback to A Star he said: “Every time I see you I feel embarrassed for the show.”

While he confirmed this was because he felt the show wasn’t doing the girls’ talent justice, fans were still left perplexed by his bold statement.

This year’s X Factor has been plagued with drama from the get go. From the controversy of bringing in Williams wife Ayda Field as a judge to technical glitches to tonight’s shock eliminations – it’s been far from an easy ride.

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