The young people in Gloucester showcasing a sustainable fashion and style show this weekend

Taking part in Revive Couture, left to right (stood up): Callum Docksey (Stage management/Young programmer), Romeo Ndukiri (Stylist), Alice Watson (Chispa CEO), Tia Callum (Creative Director/Young Programmer), Chloe Munro (Executive Producer/Young programmer) Stephen Sodzi (Revive Couture Inventor/Young producer). Left to right (sat down): Red Isaac (Senior producer), Travon Powell (Social media manager/Young programmer), Katie Taylor (Stylist).
-Credit: (Image: Will Luker)

An event highlighting sustainable fashion through an upcycling fashion show with live music, talent, clothing stalls, and a free workshop is set to take place this weekend in Gloucester.

Open to 16-30 year-olds, the event is an opportunity to explore an art exhibition in collaboration with Hundred Heroines and enjoy short films highlighting the sustainable fashion theme throughout the day. Described as a "fantastic opportunity to discover new ways to repurpose your clothes, see cutting-edge sustainable brands, and watch performances by aspiring artists from The Music Works", young people are at the heart of the event.

Called Revive Couture, young people involved are the stylists, musicians and fashion models taking part where the event can give them a chance to learn about the impacts of fast fashion.

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Tia Callum as Creative Director says the event at Gloucester Guildhall will be "amazing to see how we've all come together. We're all young people who want to engage, produce something spectacular and do great things for Gloucester."

Describing it as a good opportunity for young people to add to their CV, Tia adds that the idea of upcycling as the creative reuse of items "is more than where something has come from and there's a story within the clothes. The fashion show is all about showing why the clothes look good, the message is we're helping the environment and we don't need to fast fashion we need to shop smart."

Katie Taylor styling the model with her upcycled design
Katie Taylor styling the model with her upcycled design -Credit:Tia Callum

Stylists taking part include one member who wants to be creative to help their mental health and as a freelance costume professional, Katie Taylor spells out some facts about fast fashion where on online marketplace Vinted, daily there are always millions and millions of secondhand clothing.

With so much going into landfill too, fast fashion has "gotten out of control", Katie said. "Upcycling is important in order to stop producing what we don't need and it also gives people individuality. I believe that people deserve to be educated on how they can mend and alter things so we are not causing waste."

Another stylist in Romeo Ndukiri adds that this event for young people involves awareness of fast fashion on the planet we're meant to care for. "This is something that we feel can make change, Romeo said. Everything at this event affects all of us somehow and it is a massive chance for us as young people to express ourselves, come together and spread a positive message."

The event time on Sunday June 9 are:

  • Workshop - 11am - 12pm

  • Exhibition - All day from 11am

  • Stalls - Open from 1pm

  • Film Shorts - 2pm-3pm

  • Fashion show - From 3pm

For more you can find a link here to the free event.