Youtuber heavily criticised over acid attack prank

Another YouTuber has come under fire for their video content.

Despite the Logan Paul incident when visiting Japan and the unsavoury attention Elle Darby received when a hotel hit back at her request of a free hotel stay, another ill-timed internet star has caused controversy.

(Credit: YouTube)
(Credit: YouTube)

Now, Arya Mosallah, 22, thought it’d be a good idea to film a new prank for for his YouTube channel, whereby he throws a cup of water in random strangers’ faces.

The video has sparked outrage after a string of devastating acid attacks that have seen people walk up to total strangers in the street, much like this prank, and throw acid in their faces, causing unspeakable pain and facial disfigurement.

(Credit: YouTube)
(Credit: YouTube)

In one part of the video, Mosallah pretends to fall in front of a woman who, after going to help him, sprays her with water. In another, he pesters a woman waiting at a bus stop and, when telling him she’s not interested, throws water at her and runs off.

The stunt appears to be nothing more than to get exposure and ‘Likes’, as he requests to his audience. He addresses the camera at the beginning of the video titled ‘THROWING WATER AT PEOPLES FACE PT.2’. He brags about how the first video ‘smashed 200,000 Likes’. He promised to do a part three if this one gets 150,000 thumbs up.

Commenters scathed the prankster for his behaviour. ‘STOP MAKING PEOPLE’S DAYS WORSER,’ said one person. ‘WTF is wrong with you,’ added another.

So far, the video has had over 1.6 million views and is considerably lagging the 150,000 Likes target which is on 74,000.

While plenty of people found the video harmful and offensive, there were some that commended him for his comedy. ‘Keep up the funny videos,’ one fan said.

(Credit: YouTube)
(Credit: YouTube)

Only last month were police investigating a double acid attack on the same night and Arthur Collins, Ferne McCann’s ex, was sentenced to 20 years for a separate attack.

According to Metro, there were 431 acid attacks in London last year alone.

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