New Zealander Takes on 10,000-Calorie Wendy's Challenge

A competitive eater blitzed through a huge 10,000-calorie Wendy’s challenge, gobbling all manner of treats from the fast-food chain.

Auckland-based competitive eater and model Nela Zisser can often be found making her way through outrageous food challenges.

This time out she conquered the mammoth challenge in just under 46 minutes. The menu included a bacon mozzarella double chicken burger, a green peppercorn mushroom double beef burger, two bacon mushroom melt burgers, plus a variety of sauces, sodas, and a large mint shake.

Boasting over 300,000 subscribers Zisser’s YouTube account chronicles such food feats as wolfing down 10 Burger King Whoppers in 17 minutes, devouring a 1-kg burrito in just under 100 seconds, and consuming a 2.2-pound jar of Nutella in under four minutes. Credit: Nela Zisser via Storyful

Video transcript

NELA ZISER: Hey, guys. It's Nela here. Today, I'm back with an epic challenge. I've got over 10,000 calories worth of Wendy's here in front of me. It costs me almost $100, and it is just an insane amount of food. Now, I've got a list here in front of me, so I'm going to read out everything I bought.

I got one bacon mozzarella double chicken burger, which comes in at 1,138 calories. I got a green peppercorn mushroom double beef burger, which comes in at a total of 1,277 calories. I've got two bacon mushroom melt burgers, which come in at a total of 2,154 calories. I've got two cheeseburgers, which come in at 1,044 calories. I've got four value fries, which come in at a total of 768 calories.

I've got 12 chicken nuggets over here, which come in at a total of 622 calories. And that's inclusive of the sauce. So I got a sweet and sour. I got a sweet chili and an aioli. I don't know which. OK. Sweet chili is there. Aioli is over there. And then I've also got two large fries, which come in at a total of 974 calories.

I've got a large mint shake which I'm super excited about. I absolutely love these. These are so delicious. And that is 698 calories. And then I've got a vanilla frosty over here, which comes in at 570 calories. I've also got four value raspberry sodas which come in at a total of 772 calories. And then I've also got two small chilies with the saltine crackers that come in at 791 calories.

Now, this is an insane amount of food. This comes in at 10,808 calories, and it costs me $98. So it is a lot of food, and I'm so excited. Basically, what I'm going to do is just eat it as quickly as I can. Hopefully, I can set a really good time. Hopefully, I can finish it all.

I reckon I can because I'm really hungry. It's 3:50 PM, and I haven't eaten yet. I've been at hospital all day, working. Then we had a tutorial. And now I'm home, and I'm about to take on this delicious amount of food. So yeah, I'm really excited. And I hope you guys enjoy the video.

All right. Hopefully you guys can see my timer. It's a little bit hidden right now. But I reckon once I eat a bit, I think you guys will be able to see it. So all right. 3, 2, 1, and go. All right. I'm going to start on some chips. So good. That thing is stuck.

Let's go for a burger. What's this burger over here? I think this is the bacon mushroom melt. I'll show you guys this so you can see it. Very tasty. Oh, my God. I always forget how much I love Wendy's.

One burger down. Can we go for the classic cheeseburger? Mm. There's some mustard in there. That's good. I've never had this burger from Wendy's before. Very nice.

I really want to eat this burger next. I'll grab that in a minute. This is the double chicken mozzarella burger. And it's got two bits of chicken and the mozzarella in the middle. And it's got pesto on it. Mm. That is a thick burger.

This is so good. The mozzarella patty is just so good. It's like crumbled mozzarella that's been deep fried. It's such a big bird. I can barely get my mouth around it. Mm.

I don't know if this is special to New Zealand or if you have it overseas, but it is so good. There's so much chicken in it. It's nuts. Good for protein.

And it's easier for myself to eat. I think I blocked the straw a bit, so I'm just going to own the spoon. Mm.

That is good. I don't know if the straw is going to be blocked as well. Nope. This one's good. Oh, my God. That's beautiful. So good. OK. Let's do some of these fries before they get too cold.

I love Wendy's fries. They're just so you good. There's one hiding back here, little value fries. And some frosty. Very nice.

I have a chicken nugget. Mm. Let me grab my sweet chili that I dropped, the one I knocked off. Adding a little bit of sauce to it. God I love the chicken nuggets from Wendy's. They're actually so good. Look at that. Beautiful. Try it with the other sauce too. This is just aioli, garlic aioli. Mm. That's aioli.

We've also got some sweet and sour. Ooh. It's such a different color to McDonald's sweet and sour. It's very translucent pink. I'll put it on the nuggets so you guys can see. It's very-- it's very pretty. So it's a nice color. Two nuggies at once.

Very tasty. I reckon we open a chili. It's been, like, at least like six years since I've had chili from Wendy's. It's very-- it's very runny. There's also big chunks of meat in it. I'll show you guys. It's quite good. I remember I used to get the taco salad, and I think I'd dump it on that. I don't think I ever ordered it just by itself.

I'll add a saltine cracker and well and see if that tastes good. OK. That's a nice combo. I reckon it would have been better with nachos. I like those corn chips. But the saltines are good. It just adds a little extra kick to it. Mm.

Compared to homemade chili, it's actually pretty average. The more you eat, the more sugary the sauce tastes, kind of like baked beans sauce.

What next? I reckon-- oh, this frosty is, like, hella melted. Oh, no. I don't want it to tip. I'm going to finish these. [BELCHES] Pardon me. [BELCHES] Pardon me.

I'm going to place this here. Let me get rid of this. Lay that down, actually. Little milkshake. I think I might go for this one.

Actually, which one's the-- I really wanted to try-- there's a peppercorn one. I assume-- maybe it's this one. Maybe it's this one. That's the big one, so it's this one. This is the peppercorn one. And it's got mushrooms on it as well. Ooh. It's not too much different than just the mushroom melt one. It's just got more beef in it. Three patties? Two. Well, it's two, but one's broken.

Can't really taste the peppercorn too much. I mean, I can taste it, but I feel like mushroom melt is already a little bit peppery. And my camera died again. I honestly need to get a new camera that doesn't do that because it's very annoying. If you have any good camera suggestions, leave a comment down below and let me know. I want something that's going to be high quality but doesn't cut off, and you can film it for a long time, at least an hour, you know?

And I think I'd get this over the mushroom melt because it's very similar. Is there bacon in that? There was bacon in here. It is really good, but that chicken burger was just so nice. I probably should have saved it for last because it was honestly the best. The cheeseburger was oddly good as well with the mushroom. Ah. All right. It fell onto the top of my milkshake. [INAUDIBLE]

So I've been eating for, like, 17-ish minutes because it's 4:07. I think we started at, like, 3:50. I'm not really able to see that. Too much effort. Actually, I can move this over here so you guys can see my clock. There we go. Beautiful.

Why does it-- [INAUDIBLE]. Ooh! That was a lot of effort. There. Now you guys can see.

This milkshake is good. So tasty. I reckon we attack another chips. They're kind of hiding throughout, all through there.

Another chip bites the dust. OK. Maybe I'll just keep on the chips for a bit. I've got a lot of chips.

[INAUDIBLE] milkshake, oh, my God. It's, like, soupy. The ice cream from Wendy's is so good. It's one of my favorites. I don't like it from Burger King. I find the Burger King one tastes kind of funny. The McDonald's one's pretty good, but-- actually, this one tastes more like milk. Oh, that's so good.

Woo! OK. Ooh! Brain freeze. Oh, my god. It's going all right. Good. [BELCHES] Ooh, a little cheeseburger. I'm going to have the cheeseburger.


Pardon me.


I'm not getting sick. Ooh! [BELCHES]

OK, that's good. That's good. Little cheeseburger. Mm. This one's got less mustard on it. Well, maybe it's in the corner. And you can put red onion on their cheeseburgers. I love that. I'm a huge fan of red onion. The combo with the pickle is so good.

So you guys wanting a little update? So I'm on my site placement currently. I'm in my first week. Today's Wednesday, so I've had three days, and I absolutely love it. And it's so much fun. I'm in an inpatient unit, and it is just so cool. I think that I definitely want to do psych as a specialty. It's just-- yeah, it's so much fun. I've had more fun the last few days than I've had in any other placement.

I was on some pretty good placements as well. Trauma was really exciting. So yeah, there's just something different about psych that it's interesting and good. So yeah. Little life update. Everything else is very similar.

My boyfriend got COVID. I have not got COVID, which is good. I haven't seen him for close to two weeks now, so that was fine. Because he got it the day after I left, which was, like, a couple Mondays ago. So yeah, he's currently recovering from that. I think today was his last day, actually, in terms of isolation, which is good.

Yeah, I'm so surprised I haven't got COVID, to be honest, like, working in the hospital and stuff. So many of my patients have had it, so I think I've just gotten very lucky. But yeah. Woo! I'm getting full. But we push through, you know?


I love how Wendy's chips still taste good if they're cold. The old McDonald's chips with the ketchups, they taste like absolute shit if they're cold. Same with KFC. KFC chips are horrible cold. But these ones are OK cold. They're all right. They've still got that nice crunch on them and a soft middle.

Ooh! Let's go for a little bit more chili. Delicious, delicious chili. Ooh, I feel a burp coming on. And I'm also not sure. Let me rearrange a little bit. There you go. Beautiful. Ooh, man. Ooh. Pardon me.


OK. We good. [BELCHES] Nope. There we go. We're good now. Let's taste the soda, the raspberry soda. Mm. Ooh. I wonder what a chip would taste like dipped into the chili. Mm. That's very good. That's actually really nice. I highly rate that.

The meat in here is actually pretty good quality. Wendy;s tastes really nice. It's really good. Ooh, I am getting full. You guys watched my last video of me doing the 1-kilo schnitzel and how I got the time of-- what was my time? 2 minutes, 23? 2 minutes, 23. Someone came and then did it in two minutes, 21, and then another person did it in 2 minutes, 28. These are, like, the top two guys that had--

Ooh! Stopped recording, but it's cool. That reach was tough. So the guys who did it, they were the times I was trying to beat. Yeah, and they came in the last day and did it in those times. So yeah, I didn't win the $1,000, sadly. But it was a fun challenge.

And I think I get a runner-up prize of $100 voucher at the restaurant, which is fine. It's a good restaurant. But yeah. The contest wasn't super fair, though, because in Australia, they tend to make their challenges a lot smaller than New Zealand. I noticed this when a few Australian competitive eaters came over here and did one of their last challenges, and they weighed it. And they obviously had weighed it when they did it back home. And it was, like, a few pounds difference, and it was the same challenge. But yeah.

I was looking at the pictures of the other people's schnitzels, and it took up way less of the plate than mine did. So don't fully think it was fair. But nothing I can really do about it. That's why I love restaurants that weigh things. If it's a challenge and they weigh it, perfect, because you know it's going to be fair, like the Mad Max 1-kilo burrito, which was actually started this month. So that will be one of my upcoming videos. I'll be trying to beat my time, which will be fun.

Oh, man. Woo! I'm full. God, that shake's beautiful, even when I'm full. You know when you get full-- ooh, the sun is setting. I don't know if you guys can tell. It's going to look quite a lot darker.

Typically when I film, I film at, like, 12:00 or 1:00 or 2:00 at the latest. So I had to close the blinds because of like-- at 4:00, it comes in real harsh. So I had to pull the blinds. And now it's setting. Yeah. Very beautiful, though. It's very pretty.

I'll show you guys at the end if it still looks good by the time I'm done. Next minute, we're still sitting here, and it's pitch black. But [INAUDIBLE]. Woo-e! [COUGHS] OK.

Man, I am so close. Ooh! Got all my little ducks in a row. OK. I'm going to try the burger first, the bacon mushroom melt. Mm.

Ooh! I'm so full, but I'm going to try to finish this. I reckon I can do it. I can get this. Just admiring the sunset. Mm. You're pretty tonight.


I'm going to try to go for some of the chips. Maybe if I alternate, there will be a better-- a better chance of succeeding.


That'll probably make some room. I'll be emptied more.


The reason why I take such little sips during challenges is because at some point, your body stops producing saliva, and you need little, tiny sips to get it down. So if you guys are wondering why I do that, that is why. Oh, my God. It's getting dark. I can only see myself a little longer. Oh, man. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, obviously.

It's getting darker. Almost through the chips, almost. Ooh, my God. OK. Woo! Well, there's just one more burger left. Should really be easy. Come on, food. Digest. Some of it, digest. [BELCHES] Get some more air out.


Woo! I just really want to finish this now. Really want to finish this. Oh, my God. So close! Why is it so hard? Little bits at a time so we can finish the sauce as well. That is good aioli. It's very garlicky. And if you know me, you know I love garlic.

I'm just so close. I'd be an idiot to give up now, right, guys? Leave a comment down below and tell me if I'd be an idiot if I gave up right now. That sauce is done. I'm trying the drink first. Be strategic about this. That looks small even though it's more dense. My brain tells me this is going to be harder.

It's actually pretty good, the mushroom and the cheese sauce and the bread. Oh, my god. The time is 4:32. Ooh!

This tiny piece left. It's so small. I can do it. It's an actual struggle.

Awful timing for that to go. Oh, my God. Oopsies. I just knocked this onto my dress. But the [INAUDIBLE] will get that out. Oh, my God.


OK. Well, I finished all the food. The only thing that's left is that drink that's giving me the side eye right now because it's hella full. I feel like I have-- I feel like I have to. I mean, it's pretty much done.


Those are bad. Not good when they're by themselves. OK. My arch nemesis.


I'm going to do this. I'm going to do it. We've made it this far, guys. OK. Whoa, the camera is getting hella dark. It doesn't even feel like it's gotten that much darker in here, but-- [BELCHES] OK.


OK. OK. Did that stop? Oh, my God. All right. So my final time was 45 minutes and 57 seconds. Oh, my God. And I'm so full. It is insane. It is nuts. My stomach-- oh, my God. It hurts to move. Oh, God. I'll turn so you guys can see it a little bit. Oh, my God. That is insane. My stomach is just, like-- ah! If my stomach could make a noise right now, it would be going, ah.

But yeah, so 10,000 calories of Wendy's food eaten in 45 minutes and 57 seconds. Oh, my God. That was insane. That was so difficult. I thought by the end of it, I was definitely ready to give up. But I'm so proud that I did it. I'm so proud I finished it. Ooh! It was a lot of food.

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Remember, if you haven't already, please go check out my merch. There'll be a link down below in the description. I made it all myself. I'm super proud of it. I drew all the designs. It's on Champion Clothing, so it's really good quality. We've got T-shirts. We've got hoodies. So yeah, please go check that out. I really appreciate the support.

Thank you to everyone who's already bought it. If you do buy it, you'll get a special thank you video from me which is personalized. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed that challenge, and I'll see you guys next time. I love you guys so, so much.