5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Watching The Walking Dead Series 7

According to the latest figures, The Walking Dead fans are starting to die out quicker than the show’s cast members. Well not quite, but the numbers of people watching are definitely dropping, with the show hitting its lowest ratings since series 3. The watchers are becoming the walkers, and The Walking Dead fans are choosing to walk away.

But why? Well if you’re one of the quitters, you’ll probably have your own reasons. The words manipulative, cynical and vulgar have been lobbed around with former fans being particularly annoyed by the faking of Glenn’s death for cheap tension earlier in series 6. Others found the brutal first episode of series 7 just too much in terms of the level of violence. Um, have they been watching this show for the past seven years?

Anyway, I’d like to take those concerns and throw them aside for a moment. Here’s five reasons you should be sticking with series 7:

1. The source comics are awesome and there are plenty of surprises in store

Whether it’s the excitement of meeting new characters, the sadness of the deaths of old favourites, or the all out war that is in the pipeline, writer Robert Kirkman has this all planned out for plenty of time to come. The show might not always stick to the comic blueprint, but it’s still drawing from a wealth of quality source material.

2. You want to see Negan get his comeuppance don’t you?

Of course you do. No matter how upset you might have been by the deaths of not one, but two beloved characters, surely you can move past your grief and get on board the revenge wagon. Things might be bleak now, but you just know that Negan can’t stay on top forever.

3. That annoying Carl kid might be leaving the show

Now I’ve always quite liked Carl as a character, and Chandler Riggs is a better actor than any of those Harry Potter kids, but I know there are plenty of TWD fans who will be glad to see the back of Rick’s long-suffering son. If you can’t stand the little guy, then be happy that Riggs is off to study at college, so this might just be his last series.

4. The Whisperers might be only a few weeks away from appearing

If you haven’t read the comics and have no idea who The Whisperers are, then skip to reason number five. If you ‘re already familiar with the Whisperers then you know that they look pretty awesome and are going to be a very nasty addition to the already gruelling show. Rumours suggest they will make an entrance at some point during series 7.

5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is having the time of his life

If nothing else, it’s entertaining to watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan having a ball as the bat-twirling super-villain Negan. The sight of him grinning in Rick’s cowering face might get repetitive pretty quickly, but I’m sure JDM has more in store as the series goes on. He may be bad, he may bash a few more heads in, but hopefully he won’t ever be boring.

It’s not too late folks. The world of The Walking Dead is still growing and you don’t want to be left behind… as long as you don’t mind a little bit more bloodshed!

Have you quit The Walking Dead? If so, why?

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