How AI is being used to improve your bus journey in Coventry

National Express West Midlands (NXWM)is now rolling out CitySwift’s AI platform across its entire fleet of over 1,400 buses. The bus company announced a three year extension of their AI programme, following impressive year-on-year results around bus punctuality and efficiencies.

Since September 2023, NXWM has used CitySwift’s advanced AI and data technology and said it has led to a more than 20% reduction in late running services and customer wait times, while passengers per journey have increased.

The company provides 210 million bus passenger journeys on average per year across the West Midlands and CitySwift co-founder and chief commercial officer Alan Farrelly said NXWM was “core to CitySwift’s product development since 2019.”

The latest innovative CitySwift solution is Spotlight, an intelligent recommendation engine for bus network enhancements. The region will be the first in the world to benefit from the technology, aiming for a better balance in resources and logistical operation.

It also improves scheduler decision-making by providing AI-powered insights into performance and resource considerations such as timeliness, cost, and vehicle numbers. It scans the entire network, delivering service optimisation options and efficiency improvements.

National Express network director Ed Rickard described the delivery of the technology as a “groundbreaking achievement”, while National Express director of bus planning Andy Foster said the technology could help mitigate some of the issues caused by increased congestion on the region’s road network.

“Using CitySwift’s AI analytics and optimisation tools, our skilled schedulers and network planners have been able to respond effectively, maximising our productivity and efficiency while also reducing late running for customers that rely on our bus services,” Foster said.

Powered by AI data processing, CitySwift optimises over 1 billion passenger journeys annually, working with public sector transport authorities and private bus operators to break down the barriers to accessing and interpreting transport data and replacing manual analysis with reliable insights.

The company says the technology enhances efficiency, benefiting drivers, passengers, partners, and cities, whilst remaining human-centric throughout.