‘Always Very Nice To Know Somebody Cares That Much’: Law And Order: Organized Crime Actor Responds To Fans Campaigning For Season 5 Renewal

 Jet and Vargas looking at screen in Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4x02.
Jet and Vargas looking at screen in Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4x02.

The spring TV season is always a stressful time when it comes to shows with uncertain futures, as this is the time of year when networks start cancelling. On NBC, both Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU got early renewals back in March, but Law & Order: Organized Crime was left out. Fans didn't give up on the Christopher Meloni-led show, however, currently in Season 4 in the 2024 TV schedule. Now, with Organized Crime expected to be picked up on a different platform, one star told CinemaBlend how the cast felt about seeing fans campaign for a fifth season.

Organized Crime fans have been active on social media to try and get the show renewed, to the point of a petition circulating. The show is reportedly now likely to be picked up for Season 5 on Peacock, but that has not yet been officially confirmed at the time of writing and there are still a few episodes of Season 4 left on NBC. When I spoke with Tate Ellington, who joined OC this season as AI expert Dr. Kyle Vargas, I asked for his thoughts on the passionate fanbase coming out in droves to support the show. He shared:

I've been on the other side of that too, pushing for shows that I love or hope don't don't go away, and so it's been amazing watching them. Mostly on Instagram, stuff like that. I'm still on some of those social media platforms, and just seeing their passion for it and wanting to know where these characters go, what's going to happen, especially with Chris [Meloni], with Stabler, and so it's always very nice to know somebody cares that much about something you're doing, to want to put in the time and effort to push for it to continue.

Tate Ellington isn't kidding around when it comes to fans wanting to know what's next for Christopher Meloni's Stabler, as that character has been part of the Law & Order world going back to the SVU pilot in the '90s. That said, Organized Crime has introduced some new characters who viewers have gotten attached to, ranging from original series regulars Danielle Moné Truitt and Ainsley Seiger to later additions like Ellington and Rick Gonzalez. The Vargas actor continued:

So it's been really nice. It's been really wonderful seeing that and I know the cast definitely appreciates it. Same for the crew. Everybody likes working and likes working with this group, so it's very nice to see them pushing to have this happen. And very much appreciated.

The show has gone through its fair share of changes in Season 4, so I for one am glad to hear that "everybody likes working" with the current group. In addition to cast changes, including Tate Ellington coming on board, former Breaking Bad producer John Shiban joined OC as the newest showrunner. This in turn led to Shiban recruiting former Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris, who confirmed that he knew he could trust a project helmed by Shiban.

For now, it's just a matter of waiting for the official news of what the future holds for Law & Order: Organized Crime. Every episode of the first four seasons so far is already available streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription. If OC does make the move to the streamer, it'll be the end of NBC's Law & Order Thursdays, but not the end of the Stabler-centric show. Take a look at the promo for the next episode, airing on May 2:

Keep tuning in to NBC on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET for the remaining episodes of Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4. As always, it follows SVU at 9 p.m. and Law & Order at 8 p.m., all on NBC. Be sure to also check back with CinemaBlend for more from Tate Ellington!