Ancient Sword ‘Could Prove Romans Discovered America Before Columbus’

If true, it will rewrite history

An ancient sword found in water near Oak Island in Nova Scotia offers proof the Romans found America, a researcher has claimed.

If true, the sword - found by fishermen in shallow waters - would rewrite history, with Roman explorers having found America a millennia before Columbus.

Investigator J Hutton Pulitzer claims the sword is a ‘smoking gun’ - although many archaeologists are not as convinced.

Pulitzer says, ‘Some years ago, a man and his son were scalloping off Oak Island, which sees them hang rake-like object off the back of their boat. When they brought this up, the sword came up with it.

‘The father kept it for decades, and when he died it went to his wife, then his daughter. Then when she died many years later it went to her husband. It was he who came forward to the island and said ‘I think you should know about this and where it was found.’

Pulitzer claims that forensic analysis of the sword shows that it is Roman - and rubbishes claims that it was brought there by later visitors.

He now wants to explore what he claims is a Roman shipwreck in the same waters.

Pulitzer says, ‘The shipwreck is still there and has not been worked. We have scanned it, we know exactly where it lays, but it will be a touchy thing for the Nova Scotia government to allow an archaeological team to survey it. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Roman.

‘I think this is the single most important discovery for the Americas - an event that will re-write history. This is a gunshot to be heard around the world. It changes all of our history on this side of the pond.’