Ant and Dec's best Boris Johnson takedowns of 'I'm A Celeb' 2021 so far

Watch: Ant and Dec's best Boris Johnson jokes of I'm A Celeb 2021 so far

I'm A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec's jokes about Boris Johnson's leadership scandals have become so famous that they were even brought up in Prime Minister's Questions this week.

The Geordie duo have been keeping viewers of the ITV show entertained with some hilarious takedowns of Johnson's chaotic last couple of weeks, which even Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has clearly been enjoying.

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Here's a look at some of their best jokes so far this series.

'Forgive me...forgive me...'

Dec pretended to lose track of his notes. (ITV)
Dec pretended to lose track of his notes. (ITV)

Riffing on Boris Johnson's disastrous speech to the Confederation of British Industry conference where he lost track of his notes, repeatedly muttered "forgive me", and then began an anecdote about a visit to Peppa Pig World, Dec brought the moment to the I'm A Celeb castle.

As he linked to a scene where Richard Madeley had won a small sponge cake in a challenge, Ant asked him of the cake: "Where did we get it?"

Dec shuffled through his notes, saying: "Forgive me...forgive me...forgive me...Poundland in Rhyl."

What does a leader do?

'Evening, Prime Minister.' (ITV)
'Evening, Prime Minister.' (ITV)

The I'm A Celeb camp traditionally goes through a few changes of leadership during a series as celebrities take turns at ruling the group - and it was too good an opportunity to miss for jokes.

When a new camp leader was named, Dec said: "Exciting stuff, but what exactly, though, does the leader do?"

Ant replied: "Well, they look increasingly dishevelled, give cushy jobs to their mates, and pretty much make it up as they go along."

Dec smiled at the camera as he used his "Evening, prime minister" line, first made famous in 2013 when then-PM David Cameron admitted he enjoyed watching the show.

Voting for a bumbling figure

Naughty Boy was voted into more than his fair share of trials. (ITV)
Naughty Boy was voted into more than his fair share of trials. (ITV)

Music producer Naughty Boy found himself in the unenviable position of being the celebrity the public kept voting into trials this year.

He also made a big fuss of liking to cook for the rest of the castle camp each night, stating: "They don't know that man's a chef."

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All of this teed itself up nicely for another quip as Naughty Boy was given yet another bushtucker trial.

Ant said: "The British public insist on voting for a bumbling figure who puts on a spread for a select group of friends behind closed doors in a historic building.”

Dec added: "Evening, prime minister."

Definitely no cheese and wine party

The campmates did not host a cheese and wine party. (ITV)
The campmates did not host a cheese and wine party. (ITV)

The election of a new camp leader as David Ginola stepped down from the top job prompted Ant and Dec's joke about the controversy over Downing Street apparently hosting a cheese and wine party during Christmas COVID restrictions last year, something the PM has denied.

Ant said: "It is all changing in camp now because yesterday the celebs chose a new leader via the gift of a secret vote.

“That means David’s reign is over. But they weren’t celebrating. They categorically deny any suggestions that they had a party. And this fictional party definitely didn’t involve cheese and wine, or a secret Santa.”

Again, Dec added: “Evening prime minister… for now.”

Ant and Dec make PMQs

The lads even made PMQs. (ITV)
The lads even made PMQs. (ITV)

The TV presenters found themselves name-checked in Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday as Sir Keir Starmer grilled Johnson over a video that had emerged from December 2020 with his then-press secretary Allegra Stratton and adviser Ed Oldfield joking about a "fictional" Christmas party.

The Labour leader had obviously been watching Ant and Dec's I'm A Celeb cheese and wine party quip as he said: “It is obvious what happened. Ant and Dec are ahead of the prime minister on this. The prime minister has been caught red-handed. Why doesn’t he end the investigation right now by just admitting it?”

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Unable to resist referring back to their moment of political fame, talking about the campers lying to David Ginola about a challenge that went wrong Ant said: "So they decided to cover it up."

Dec replied: "Not a great idea, that, is it?"

Ant continued: "If we've learned one thing in the last 24 hours it's that you can't get away with covering things up."

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Dec said: "No, that will come back to bite them at some point, might take a year, but it will happen.

"The situation was as clear as day, we all watched the video of them getting the question wrong, it was obvious what happened, even Ant and Dec are ahead of the Prime Minister...sorry...Danny Miller...on this one.

"Don't worry, we'll launch an inquiry or something, not that that'll do anything."

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