Australian man dies after falling into wood chipper while clearing trees from a neighbour’s drive

<em>The victim died instantly after falling into a wood chipper (Wikipedia/stock photo)</em>
The victim died instantly after falling into a wood chipper (Wikipedia/stock photo)

A man has died in Australia after he fell into a wood chipper in front of his horrified friends while clearing trees from a neighbour’s drive.

Paramedics were called to a property in Goomborian, Gympie in Queensland yesterday after they were alerted to the shocking accident.

The 54-year-old victim, who was with two friends at the time, is said to have died instantly while carrying out a “favour” for a female neighbour.

Acting Inspector Paul Algie told ABC: ”It’s a horrendous thing to have to attend as a police officer – any sudden death – but these circumstances were absolutely shocking.

“Everyone’s obviously very distressed and we’re still trying to work out the circumstances as to who has seen what.”

Acting Inspector Algie added that the two friends of the man who were with him at the time of the accident were “extremely distressed”.

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He said: “They’re understandably extremely distressed over what’s occurred.

“They’re very traumatised as a result of what’s happened and police are assisting them obviously in any way we can in terms of ongoing welfare needs.”

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and police have yet to determine whether the victim had been using the wood chipper incorrectly.