Baby Bonds With Rescue Kitten in Adorable Video

A Mississippi woman captured adorable footage of her baby bonding with a kitten that the family rescued in early October.

The video, by Emily Hixon, shows nine-month-old Sojourner petting the tiny rescue and smiling as the kitten places her paws on her.

Hixon told Storyful that her husband discovered the kitten, which a vet estimated was between four and five weeks old, "trapped in a back room, starved.

“He would not eat on his own. I fed him prescription wet food with a syringe for four days until he could eat by himself,” she said. "We introduced him to our daughters Sojourner and Noah Jane when we decided it was safe after a week.

“He bonded with them both intensely as we gradually taught them to treat him gently,” she said. “I captured this video spontaneously one evening during supervised kitten-time for baby Sojourner.”

Hixon said her two-year-old daughter Noah Jane is still deciding on a name for the new feline addition to the family. Credit: Emily Hixon via Storyful

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