Baking Brumies take a dip in city centre fountain as temperatures soar

Comical footage shows the moment a man cooled off in the current hot weather by going for a swim in a FOUNTAIN in Birmingham city centre.

Shocked onlookers watched on as the middle-aged man stripped down to his boxers before going for a dip in the city's 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' in Victoria Square.

Mobile phone footage captured the bizarre scenes unfolding on Tuesday afternoon (21/6) as Britain basked in 24C temperatures.

The man can be doing a breast stroke through the shallow waters as the person filming asks: "What is going on?"

Meanwhile, two women sit on the edge of the fountain casually chatting to each other as if nothing unusual is happening.

Other people can be seen looking on in disbelief as the man emerges from the water while a Brummie voice is heard saying: "He's gone a swim for some reason."

The footage has since been viewed more then 24,000 times since being uploaded on social media by the blog Birmz Is Grime with the caption: "Normal day in Brum"

One web user replied: He's just enjoying his summer holidays in a landlocked city, leave him be."

Another added: "I guess if the council are closing all the public pools it leaves him with little option."

One person commented: "Fair play to him, I bet that was quite refreshing on a hot day" while another said: "Suns out...guns out".

The sculpture, officially called 'The River', is flowing for the first time in seven years following a multi-million pound repair project ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The £3.5 million fountain by sculptor Dhruva Mistry was first opened in Victoria Square by Princess Diana on May 6, 1993.

But it recently had to be turned off again after pranksters caused thousands of pounds of damage by pouring bubble bath into the water.

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