Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan Made His First Appearance Since His Accident And Stroke And His Wife Shared The Update

 Michael Hogan's Saul Tigh talkng to Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica.
Michael Hogan's Saul Tigh talkng to Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica.

Nearly four years ago, we learned that Battlestar Galactica star Michael Hogan had dealt with a slip and fall incident that led to his partial paralysis. He had a long battle on the road to strengthening his left side, but his wife Susan Hogan has been faithfully sharing updates in the time since. Now, after having to quit his day job as an actor and focus on long hours of physio, Mr. Hogan made his first appearance in public since the incident.

His partner shared the news on a Go Fund Me page dedicated to his recovery efforts (which have been expensive and, again, he has been unable to work). She noted she was given an award from the Actors Union and that her husband was feeling up to going out enough to attend the event. It would mark his first public appearance since his accident following a Battlestar Galactica fan convention.

I had the honor of being given an award in November - Woman of Distinction - from the Actors Union and the members. It was extraordinary. And I was able to bring Michael! It was his first time out in public in four years, and he shone!!! Everyone was so happy to see him, and talk to him! It filled my heart.

As the star of one of the best sci-fi shows to date, interest from the fanbase about how “Saul Tigh’s” recovery had been going was great. His former BSG castmates even rallied around him after news of the accident broke, with Katee Sackhoff writing at the time, “This man and his family are so incredibly special.” (Sackhoff has previously called her BSG family "the family we choose" and seems to get along with the cast of the show well.)

Now, Susan has also shared an update about where Michael is at in terms of what he is and isn't able to do post stroke and it seems as if things have taken a step forward… quite literally.

Michael is continuing to improve.He can take ten steps just holding on to the bannister! It’s incredible! Slow and steady wins the race.

She also thanked fans who have been continuing to donate during Michael’s journey. So far the family has raised a whopping $461,700 toward a $600,000 goal to aid in Hogan’s continued recovery, including physical therapy and other major medical expenses.  Susan had said previously that it will be unlikely the Battlestar Galactica actor, who is also known for roles in projects like Teen Wolf, 12 Monkeys and Fargo, would be able to work in a high volume capacity again.

It does seem he recently landed a 2024 role doing voice work for the animated project Sonya From Toastville. Plus, she mentioned in the post he has also been keeping his creative spirit alive by working on a one-man show, as well. Clearly, nearly four years is a long time on anyone's road to recovery, but I'm just grateful things seem to be looking brighter for the actor every day.

Meanwhile, for those who know him most from his sci-fi work, a Battlestar Galactica revival series will also be heading to streaming for those with a Peacock subscription.