BBC's Escape to the Country star Alistair Appleton shares rare snap of husband Daniel Martin

Alistair Appleton is a familiar face from BBC's Escape to the Country
-Credit: (Image: Alistair Appleton/Instagram)

Alistair Appleton, known for his role on the BBC show Escape to the Country has delighted fans by sharing some rare snaps of his other half.

Working alongside names like Ginny Buckley and Nicki Chapman, Alistair has become a familiar face since joining the show back in 2007. Having been brought up in Hampshire, the TV presenter who is now 54, graduated from the esteemed University of Cambridge with a commendable 2:1 in English Literature.

After finishing his degree, Alistair journeyed to Poland to teach at the University of Gdansk, the Mirror reports. Eventually, he relocated to Germany where he became a translator and journalist for Deutsche Welle, laying the foundations for his broadcasting career.

As his television career continued to thrive, Alistair had ambitions away from the entertainment industry. In 2014, he acquired an MA in Advanced Psychotherapy from London's Minster Centre.

Describing his change in direction during a chat with Hampshire Life magazine, he stated: "I loved that work so much that I started to get a bit disenchanted with all the crazy schedules of TV filming and I decided five years ago to re-train as a psychotherapist."

Alistair presents the show alongside names including Ginny Buckley and Nicki Chapman
Alistair presents the show alongside names including Ginny Buckley and Nicki Chapman -Credit:Alistair Appleton/Instagram

Reflecting on his decisions, he disclosed: "That was the best decision of my life and I think I hit my 40s in much better shape than I hit my 30s."

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Alistair is seemingly living the dream, having made his own idyllic escape to the country where he lives in a delightful cottage by the Sussex coast with his husband, Daniel Martin.

He recently posted a photo of Daniel on Instagram with the words: "So proud of my beautiful husband.@thepilgrimpotter. This weekend is his first pottery fair.

"At the prestigious @townergallery no less. this weekend! After a mad rush with lots of explosions and triumphs - he's here! ! And it looks stunning. #townergallery."

On his personal website, charming Alistair reveals: "My husband Daniel, a yoga teacher, and I are offering free meditation and yoga to keep us grounded and happy during these extraordinary times. All welcome."

He expresses thanks for his other half, adding: "I am lucky to have found love and have a very understanding and supportive husband, Daniel... We're currently in a 1930s French sea captain's cottage in the port of Newhaven. And we live there with our very big dog Ben."

Considering a career that spans television roles and psychotherapy, it's not surprising multi-talented Alistair's net worth could be quite significant, rumoured to be between £2-3 million.

Back in 2019, he acknowledged he'd been: "pretty unhappy" in his early 30s. Exposing the mental health challenges he faced away from the public eye on his blog,, he confessed: "I was drinking a lot, doing a lot of drugs, going out a lot."

In a 2019 blog post, Alistair confessed: "I realised how fossilised and dead-souled I'd become in my 20s".

In another entry, he revealed: "You know, in my 20s all I wanted to be was a famous TV presenter, and by the time I turned 30 I was already seeing that was a very dangerous path for me because I knew that it would just mean more anxiety, more laying value on external looks."

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