Ben Jardine evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother,' feels 'mugged off' by Roxanne Pallett over 'punch' claims

Married at First Sight star is the third CBB evictee.
Married at First Sight star is the third CBB evictee.

Married at First Sight star Ben Jardine is the third Celebrity Big Brother contestant to be evicted after the nominations were decided by the viewers.

Met with boos and ‘Get Roxy Out’ chants as he exited the house, he was then stunned when CBB host Emma Willis played him the scene of the alleged ‘punch’ attack by Ryan Thomas to Roxanne Pallett.

‘I trust Roxy, I trust what she says,’ Jardine said when asked by CBB host Emma Willis what he made of her allegations.

However, he appeared in total shock when he was shown footage of the scene. He finally said to Willis, ‘I feel mugged off – again!’ and ‘I always fall for it, it’s the eyes isn’t it!’

Jardine and Pallett became remarkably close during his time in the house. (REX/Shutterstock)
Jardine and Pallett became remarkably close during his time in the house. (REX/Shutterstock)

He went on to say he’d ‘been played’ but he was ‘just trying to do the right thing.’

Willis pointed out that he’d claimed to love Pallett multiple times throughout the series, to which Jardine called her ‘a lovely girl’ but ‘I do feel like a mug now.’

This comes after former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett accused former Corrie actor Ryan Thomas of repeatedly punching her, and confided the alleged incident to Jardine in Friday’s episode.

The alleged attack, which has already caused over 11,000 Ofcom complaints, has been disputed by thousands of viewers, the majority of which claim Pallett is wrongly accusing Thomas in a bid to get him evicted.

CBB viewers were given the ultimate voting power, by being asked to vote for their favourite housemates via the show’s official app.

Jardine and former footballer Jermaine Pennant were revealed Friday night to have received the least votes. Then in a cruel twist, Big Brother forced the remaining housemates to decide who should be voted out.

While initially the vote was a tie, Big Brother then demanded the housemates reach a verdict, and Jardine was ultimately eliminated with five out of the nine votes.

Celebrity Big Brother: Full 3rd eviction recap


It’s been a traumatic 24 hours both inside and out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Fans were left outraged after Roxanne Pallett accused Ryan Thomas of assaulting her after he playfully jabbed her.

While on camera it appeared like a playful act, and one that Pallett initially laughed off, she proceeded to complain in the Diary Room that she didn’t feel safe and that Ryan had ‘punched me repeatedly.’

Out of consideration for her safety, CBB producers arranged for her to spend the night in a spare room, and formally cautioned a bewildered Thomas.

Ofcom has received over 11,000 complaints so far, and hundreds of fans have taken to Twitter to express their outrage over Roxanne’s claims – with the majority taking Ryan Thomas’ side.

In tonight’s episode, Pallett returned to The Diary Room to express her outrage that Thomas was still in the CBB house despite him ‘assaulting’ her.

Thomas told celebrity psychic Sally Morgan the house ‘was a lonely place’ and that he’s staying strong despite Pallett’s allegations as ‘he’s not a quitter.’

‘A grown man purposefully punched me’


Big Brother assured Pallett that it had formally warned Ryan and that it will protect her safety. She responded dismayed with ‘a grown man purposely punched me repeatedly. How can someone proceed after doing that? That’s not OK!’

Hardeep Singh Kohli and Pallett then got into to it over a previous conversation between Kohli and Ben Jardine. Kohli took offence to Jardine rubbing his foot over Pallett’s back, but Pallett was more concerned that Kohli had told Jardine she ‘was leading him on.’

Kohli reassured her that he thinks she’s ‘a good person’ but Pallett shot back at him that he’s ‘passive aggressive.’ A frustrated Kohli vented at Jardine that he felt Pallett enjoyed the drama.

Pallett and Jardine then locked themselves away in the toilet. She told him that the rest of the housemates had got it wrong as he ‘saw her like a little sister.’ However, Jardine appeared to have way more than brotherly feelings towards her as he said ‘it’s nuts how I feel just you being there’ and that ‘you’re everything.’

Jermaine Pennant is a Flat Earther?

Dan Osborne then asked Kohli if he believed the Earth was round, and said that some people believe NASA has edited the pictures to make it look oval.

Kohli was fast to shut the argument down, but love rat Jermaine Pennant seemed to out himself as a ‘Flat Earther’ believer by saying that he believed the earth was ‘slightly curved’ rather than a ‘big circle.’

Psychic Sally Morgan then discussed her dramatic weight loss and surgery with Kirstie Alley and showed off her surgically reassigned belly button to an amazed Alley.

Then bizarrely Pallett and Jardine practiced punching and kickboxing – little more than 24 hours since she accused Thomas of repeatedly punching her.

Osborne then talked about his protective paternal instincts and that he wasn’t going to let ‘any bloke go near my daughter or maybe not until she’s 25.’

He also said he’d teach his son Teddy to ‘treat women with respect’ and not make the same mistakes he’d made with women.

Kirstie Alley took to The Diary Room, where she discussed the paranoia about tonight’s eviction. She said some housemates feared Natalie Nunn would be bought back, while others feared tonight would see two or three housemates evicted.

Secret toilet talks

Pallett then took Jardine to the toilets once again to tearfully to recount her claims that Thomas ‘punched’ her and that ‘it wasn’t play fighting he punched me repeatedly in my ribs and I didn’t say anything because I was in so much pain all night.’

She continued with ‘it was intentional to hurt,’ and ‘he went for it, he did it with his fists and I was so sore, it was so aggressive and I walked off and for the next hour I was in a blur of confusion.’

Jardine asked her to reenact the attack and responded with ‘No!’ to the supposed intensity.

A lingering Kohli clearly overhead the conversation and when Jardine finally left he quipped, ‘Long time in there mate! Constipated?’

He then told off Jardine for spending ’40 minutes in a loo’ with engaged Pallett and asked him ‘What do you think Lee [Pallett’s fiance] is going to be thinking?’

Rogue Trader Nick Leeson even chimed in and warned him over what Pallett is ‘really thinking.’

Thomas talked to Psychic Morgan that he felt a bit left out from the lads in the house. Morgan said she admired his ‘honesty’ and he replied that he didn’t feel he could be himself on the show.

Meanwhile Jardine was in the garden talking to the rest of the guys and said ‘Bless her something happened to her’ regarding the alleged attack by Thomas.

He then seemed to have a moment of clarity and confessed ‘I feel like I’m getting played a bit.’

Perhaps overhearing, Pallett jumped on the scene and told the gang she saw them as ‘her big brothers’ and didn’t want to further discuss the ‘assault.’

Thomas then dropped the bombshell that he and Pallett were once friends and that ‘she went out with my best mate’ years prior and hinted that they’d fallen out over drama on her part.

Was Jardine ‘mugged off?’

In the Diary Room Jardine said ‘I’ve got a lot of time for Roxy’ but his ‘head is mashed’ over the prospect of ‘getting mugged off.’

Alley then asked Thomas what his life is like back home, he said he’d be ‘doing some stuff’ with his missus. He then said ‘please pick me’ regarding the next eviction.

Back in the CBB lounge, the ‘lads’ appeared to have taken Pallett’s side, with Pennant even saying Thomas shouldn’t be allowed to win the show after ‘what he’s done.’ Osborne said he ‘would walk out’ if he’d done what Pallett is alleging.

Then in a painfully awkward one to one convo, Thomas apologised to Pallett but said she’d ‘got it wrong.’ Unable to make eye contact with her, she tearfully said she felt ‘shocked’ and it ‘just threw me.’ The pair appeared to call a truce by shaking hands.

A cruel eviction

The housemates then finally discovered the nature of the latest eviction and appeared dismayed when they were told that the two housemates with the lowest public votes would face eviction that night.

The two housemates facing eviction were: Ben Jardine and Jermaine Pennant. Then they were dropped yet another shock – that the remaining housemates must then decide who to evict.

However, the vote resulted in a tie and Big Brother ordered the housemates to make a final majority vote by raising their hands over who they wanted to evict. When Big Brother asked who would like to evict Ben, five raised their hands for Ben, with Leeson switching his vote, making Ben Jardine the third evicted housemate.

As Ben left the house he was met with loud ‘Get Roxy Out’ cheers and boos.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on Channel 5.

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