Ben Jardine evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother,' feels 'mugged off' by Roxanne Pallett over 'punch' claims

Laura Hannam
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    Another David Walliams. What do they put in the water these days??
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    She has set women's genuine domestic abuse claims back years.
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    Issac Hunt
    This is massive!!!!
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    These aren’t celebrities, their just wannabes
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    Well dear old Ben's got problems of his own .... falling "in love" in the space of ten minutes!
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    Disgusting #$%$**** #$%$ once again proving what lying scheming c**** SOME women an be. Not all, but a growing number. She hasn't done herself any favours there.
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    Sothis is what Yahoo consider to be the top news story of the day! Pathetic,utterly pathetic Yahoo news ( joke)
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    say what I think
    get the curry b@$tard out
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    get Roxanne out and put ben bk
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    the stig
    Here's a thing kick everyone out of the CBB house and scrap the whole thing. As it's a load off #$%$ anyway.