Benedict Cumberbatch Described As A 'Lovely Kisser'

We all know that Benedict Cumberbatch is a man of many talents but now we know that he's also a "lovely" kisser, thanks to actress Yasmine Akram.

Having shared an on screen kiss with the actor during her appearance as Janine in this year's offering of Sherlock, Yasmine recalled her smooch with the British actor when she made an appearance on Nick Grimshaw's BBC Three show, Sweat The Small Stuff.

In a clip taken from an episode that will be shown later this week, the Radio One DJ can be seen asking Yasmine about the kiss whilst showing a picture of the talked about smooch.

Asked if Benedict is a "good kisser", Yasmine can be heard saying: "yeah, lovely, yeah", gaining cheers from the audience.

Benedict is a good kisser apparently! (Splash News)

Meanwhile, as we remember Sherlock and that kiss between Benedict and Yasmine, we have also been faced with the prospect of seeing Tom Hiddleston making an appearance on the hit BBC drama amid speculation that the actor may join the show when the new series returns.

Despite refusing to confirm or deny the rumours, co-creator Mark Gatiss did like the idea of Tom joining the cast. Revealing his thoughts during a Q&A in Brazil, the Mirror reported the star who also plays the role of Mycroft in Sherlock, saying:

"Tom would be wonderful in Sherlock, I'm sure, but he only does movies now. What can I say? I'll ask him if you like", before going on to tease:

"Well it's an internet rumour so it must be true. We might as well just wait and see what happens."

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