Best spider catchers and repellent products

Melisha Kaur

Autumn might be months away but some arachnophobes are already starting to dread the invasion of house spiders.

If eight-legged insects give you the chills and you need a harm-free way to remove any unwanted visitors from your home, then a spider catcher is just the trick.

These nifty helpers work by safely catching and releasing pests and are built with a long handle to keep you at a distance. They can also be used to remove other insects such as flies, wasps and moths.

But for those who shudder at the thought of getting even the tiniest bit near to a creepy crawly, prevention might be a safer option. Spider repellent and cleaning products, such as Flash Crisp Lemons, are perfect for spider-proofing your home and can be used all year round.

To help keep your home spider-free, we've carefully selected some of the best spider catchers and repellent products on the market.

Katcha Battery Operated Vacuum Spider Catcher

Got a daddy long-leg in your home that won’t budge? The battery-operated Katcha vacuum is just what you need. Boasting a 24in extension tube, it is designed to quickly suck the spider in a plastic tube and release it outside – simply point the trap and press the button to capture. The vacuum comes complete with a Turbo nozzle attachment for easy catching and a 9V Varta PP3 battery.

£12.89 | Amazon | Buy it now

Brainstorm Spider Catcher

The 65cm-long handle of this spider catcher means it is ideal for removing creepy crawlies from ceilings. It features gentle, flexible bristles that allow you to harmlessly catch spiders and daddy-long legs up to 25mm in length. For peace of mind, the catcher also comes with a practice plastic spider – so you can see how safe it is before testing on a real spider. Other colours and sizes available.

£10 | Amazon | Buy it now

Zero In Spider Catcher

Great for using in hard-to-reach areas, this colourful catcher is made with a sturdy plastic handle and soft nylon bristles to safely pick-up spiders and other bugs from your home. The handle on this one isn’t as long as Brainstorm’s Spider Catcher, but does a good job nonetheless. Each comes with a plastic spider for practice.

£7.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Maison & White Powerful Handheld Bug Vacuum

This bug catcher is designed with an LED light, making it easier to find unwanted visitors in dark corners or under furniture. The battery-operated vacuum is easy to assemble and features a 20cm-long tube to keep you at a safe distance. Battery not included.

£10.49 | Amazon | Buy it now

Katcha Big Bug

If you need something to safely capture and release large spiders, then the Katcha Big Bug is just the trick. A 20in handle keeps you at arm’s length away from uninvited pests as you catch them, while the generously sized catching head fits the biggest of bugs and insects inside.

£12.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

The Buzz Spider Repellent Spray

Another simple yet effective way to send spiders packing, this handy spray is created from a blend of natural mint oil extracts. Unlike some repellent products, it doesn’t smell overwhelming and provides an instant barrier against eight-legged creepy crawlies. For best results, apply around windows and doorways every 2-3 weeks.

£7.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Flash All Purpose Cleaner Crisp Lemon

It turns out that spiders can't stand the zesty smell of lemons. Flash’s all-purpose cleaner – which is created with lemon perfume technology – will not only make your home sparkle and smell fresh, but can also help guard your space from tiny arachnids. Use it to clean walls, floors and desks.

£2 | Amazon | Buy it now

DP Clean & Natural Bicarbonate Of Soda

Another powerful cleaner that also works as a non-toxic spider deterrent. The product can be used almost anywhere in the home to clean surfaces as well as to spider-proof your space. Simply sprinkle the powder around floors and windows to keep daddy-long legs at bay.

£3.68 | Amazon | Buy it now

Pledge Citrus Dusting Cloths

Regular dusting and cleaning will make it hard for spiders to hold on to the nooks and crannies of your home. Give the place a once-over as often as you can with these citrus-scented dusting cloths. The quilted fibres trap dust and dirt instantly, so you can get the job in next to no time.

£2.40 | Amazon | Buy it now


Providing fast action and a long tube, the Katcha is our top pick for every type of household. If you need something for bigger creepy crawlies, go for the Katcha Big Bug.