Big beer companies are quietly taking over craft beers and ‘changing the taste’

Beer Rex

Britain’s beer drinkers are being fooled into thinking they’re drinking high-quality, independent ‘craft beers’ ‘- but they might not be.

The Good Beer Guide has warned that ‘Big Beer’ companies are targeting independent brewers for takeover – and that could directly impact the taste of beers.

Anheuser-Busch Inbev bought Camden Town Brewery for £80m – and shifted production to a brand-new plant in Enfield, the Independent reports.


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The Good Beer Guide says that big beer companies are strategically targeting small independent breweries – and that customers may find it difficult to know when they are drinking a truly ‘independent’ beer.

Roger Protz, editor of the Good Beer Guide said, ‘Brewing changes under new ownership – whether this is due to long-term contracts with suppliers leading to grain or hop substitutions, or because production methods are changed to maximise profits at the expense of taste.’

‘Not only are consumers being misled, but these global brewers are changing the characters of beers they buy and driving genuine independents out of business.’

Protz said, ‘First Big Beer buys up a swathe of independent breweries. Now it’s attempting to control the natural ingredients used to make beer. The power of these global behemoths is frightening and has to be virorously resisted.

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