Bridgerton fans lose it over masquerade ball hint and what it means for Benedict

The season 3 finale all but confirms Luke Thompson's future as the lead of season 4

Bridgerton (Netflix)
Bridgerton's season 3 finale has set up Luke Thompson's Benedict Bridgerton as the next lead, and fans are besides themselves with excitement. (Netflix)

Bridgerton always knows how to pave the way for its characters each season, and the Netflix show's season 3 finale was no exception much to fans absolute delight.

The series ended with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) and Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) finally finding happiness together, but it didn't leave the other characters out either. One scene in particular got viewers excited about the forthcoming season, as it all but secured the future of Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson) as the next lead.

The season 3 finale set up this encounter well because it saw Benedict and his sister Eloise (Claudia Jessie) discuss their mother's masquerade ball, the former tells his sibling that he intends to hide behind a mask and avoid prying mamas desperate to get him to pay their daughters attention — which is exactly how Benedict's book begins.

Benedict is the focus of Julia Quinn's third novel An Offer From a Gentleman, which follows his first encounter and romance with Sophie Beckett, the daughter of a noble who was forced to become a servant by her step-mother after his death, who he meets at his mother's masquerade ball.

Bridgerton (Netflix)
A scene between Benedict and his sister Eloise saw them discuss their mother's masquerade ball, which is where Benedict's book An Offer From a Gentlemen begins. (Netflix)

In the novel, Benedict has been a part of the marriage mart for years and is much happier enjoying life as a bachelor but he is immediately smitten with Sophie at the ball, and when she rushes out at midnight with nothing but a glove to remember him by then he begins his quest to find her.

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Fans were notably ecstatic by the scene, with many sharing their thoughts on X with fellow viewers and sharing amusing memes about Benedict finally having his story told after being skipped over in season 3 in favour of Colin and Penelope's romance.


Bridgerton (Netflix)
Bridgerton has seen Benedict begin to explore his sexuality, having relationship with both men and women thanks to his romance with Lady Tilley Arnold. (Netflix)

Another viewer commented on the scene, writing: "benedict season 4 here we come! between the mention of the masquerade ball, his conversation with eloise on the swings and the voice over talking about looking toward the future with only him in shot…sophie is coming!"

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One excited viewer wrote: "SOPHIE BECKETT WHERE MASQUERADE WHERE LADY IN SILVER WHERE" referencing the character being called the lady in silver in Quinn's novel. And another viewer shared: "BENEDICT BRIDGERTON SEASON 4 LEAD I'M SAT"

Another said: "no you don't understand, violet giving masquerade ball before leaving the bridgerton house to kate AND benedict running away from the ladies and mummas ... THIS IS THE PROLOGUE OF THE BOOK I NEED SOPHIA MARIA BECKETT".

While one commented: "they kept us on edge on who the next sibling lead would be, with all those subliminal hints, BUT the mention of the masquerade ball AND THIS SHOT WITH THAT CAPTION ooooh, Sophie is coming homeee"

There was also a viewer who shared their thoughts on the writers setting up both Benedict and Eloise's romances in the one scene, writing: "The masquerade ball is coming !!!!!! eloise season foreshadow! benedict-sophie is coming! physically CANNOT WAIT for season 4!!!!!"

While one person made reference to Benedict's queer storyline in season 3, by saying: "also a very happy pride to mr benedict bridgerton, our bi/pan king! i'm frothing at the mouth for season 4 and the masquerade ball".

Bridgerton season 3 is out now on Netflix.