Britney Manson Talks TikTok Fame & Viral New Song "Fashion"

Britney Manson
Britney Manson

Nobody walks like her.

Britney Manson is one of the latest viral sensations who's taken over TikTok thanks to her signature walking videos.

As the model started to post her strutting videos spontaneously during the pandemic, she instantly grew a huge following that's obsessed with every video she posts.

"I'm walking around the streets bringing the high fashion energy. I'm still going viral towards my dreams and goals," Manson tells PRIDE.

Manson is a proud transgender woman and escaped through fashion to feel seen at a young age.

"I always was addicted to the fashion industry. For me, the catwalk is a form of art. To be honest, I still can't believe everything is going on around me. I'm so grateful for every experience that I've had."

One fashion forward show that inspired Manson to love the skin she's in was RuPaul's Drag Race. The star is now friendly with a few of the Ru girls that inspired her as a child.

"The most memorable moment was when I got a message from Valentino. I was completely speechless. I'm such a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race. I literally grew up watching the show and now some of the queens follow me on Instagram!"

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Manson is using her platform online to inspire LGBTQ+ youth all around the world to embrace their genders, sexualities, and anything that makes them special.

"I wanted to be that person that I needed when I was younger. Beauty is not about the gender rules. It's all about being yourself and being true to your aesthetic... and just slay!"

The star isn't just slaying the TikTok and fashion game. She's also venturing into the music industry with her latest single "Fashion" already getting hundreds of thousands of streams online.

"My new single is all about this energy that I wanted to spread all over the world. When I younger, being a trans kid, I couldn't accept this reality that I used to live in. I needed some escape to help me to survive, literally."

Manson is one of the most confident people online who's truly inspiring others to love themselves. With her star on the rise, the model is hoping others can learn by her example and people pursue their own passions.

"We have to dream. Turn your world into the high fashion! It's always helped [and] that's why I love the fashion industry. You can be whatever you want. All you have to do... just be confident. That's the key."

"Fashion" is available now on all streaming platforms. To see the full interview with Britney Manson, check out the video below.

Britney Manson Talks TikTok Fame & Viral New Song 'Fashion'