Brothers' Very Mixed Reactions as Dad Tricks Them Into Thinking Their Favorite Browns Player Was Traded

A dad in Palatine, Illinois, got his sons good when he told him their favorite Cleveland Browns player was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers as an April Fools’ joke.

Footage by prankster dad Timothy S Daniel, shows his two boys reacting to the ‘news’ that Baker Mayfield was moving to the Steelers, which they both agreed was “so dumb”.

One brother flops onto a bean bag in disgust, while his sibling perches on the edge of a chair, seemingly troubled by the thought of his favorite player in the hands of the team’s rivals.

Thankfully, Daniel doesn’t let them wallow in their misery for long, and can be heard asking his boys what day it is. They quickly realize they were duped, and their reactions are very different: one says, “Good joke” and the other throws a TV remote to the ground, saying, “Bad joke!” Credit: Timothy S Daniel via Storyful