'Bubbly' university student strangled to death by her tinnitus-suffering estranged husband who then killed himself

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Claire Nagle was strangled to death by her estranged husband (SWNS)

A plumber strangled his estranged wife to death with a metal strap before he jumped to his death from a motorway bridge after he was driven mad by tinnitus, an inquest heard.

Tragic Claire Nagle, 38, was murdered by husband Vincent, 44, who then battered her 23-year-old son Nathan with a shovel and a floor tile and shot him with a nail gun.

The court heard how he said “your mum said there was no chance of us getting back” as he carried out the beatings and left him for dead.

Giving evidence, Detective Constable Caroline Van Schaick told the court: “Nathan says he threw himself down the stairs to get away.

“Vincent was calm – and had a smirk on his face.”

The trainee mental health nurse was killed by her husband Vincent, who had been driven mad by tinnitus (SWNS)

Vincent then made contact with his brother and told him what he had done while the pair drove along the M1.

The killer told his brother “I have killed her and I have killed Nathan”, but Joe did not believe him and the pair drove along the M1.

However, shortly after pulling over on the hard shoulder and attempting to run into traffic, Vincent ran to the overhead bridge and dropped to his death.


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An inquest heard Vincent had been struggling to cope with the end of his 16-year relationship with his wife before tragedy struck on December 16 last year.

Weeks before his death, he had told doctors he was suffering from the debilitating hearing condition, was struggling with work and having marriage problems.

Derbyshire Coroners’ Court heard police were previously alerted about his behaviour and concerns had been raised that he was going to take his own life.

Police were called to a house in Station Road – where the family had previously lived – after Claire’s son Nathan collapsed in the street covered in blood (SWNS)

However, he refused counselling and anti-depressants before he went on his violent spree in the village of Borrowash, Derbs.

Claire, a trainee mental health nurse, was living with her mum in Charnwood Avenue after splitting up from Nagle four months earlier.

Police were called to a house in Station Road – where the family had previously lived – at 10.55am after Nathan collapsed in the street covered in blood.

He was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where he was treated for head serious injuries.

The Nottingham University student was described as “vibrant and bubbly” (SWNS)

Minutes later officers dashed to Charnwood Avenue half-a-mile away, where they discovered Claire’s body at 11.35am.

Derbyshire Police then attended a fatal crash on the M1 where Vincent had jumped from the bridge near Trowell Services, Notts., at around 11.28am.

A coroner has now ruled that the tragic mum-of-three had died from unlawful killing, and Vincent from suicide.

Speaking after the inquest, Claire’s mum Joy Paton said: “Claire was wonderful, so vibrant, bubbly and everyone loved her. It’s sad. She would have made a brilliant psychiatric nurse.”

She added on Vincent: “He took our beautiful daughter and he robbed his own children of both parents.”

If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, you can contact The Samaritans for free and confidential support at any time of the day by calling 116 123 or emailing jo@samaritans.org. You can also speak to someone in person by visiting your local branch.