The burger joint loved by celebs that you can only find in one spot

How you describe a burger can put people off but I find it appealing.

Give me a handmade sloppy mess with all the toppings and dripping in cheese any day over a McDonald's or pretentious gourmet burger. The best place to find one is at a little independent venue tucked away down a back street or scattered far ends of a city.

A venue that whips up mouthwatering burgers is Burgerism. A quick glimpse on their Instagram page will have you ditching your diet and making the journey. It's the epitome of food porn. It's even caught the attention of a few celebs including rapper Aitch, boxers Tommy Fury and Logan Paul, and electronic musician Chase and Status who ordered out for their entire crew before a show.

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Burgerism is a Manchester-based company. They have a few kiosks dotted around but Merseyside has been left high and dry... until recently. Arriving with little fanfare or attention, Burgerism bagged itself a spot within the newly opened Blackstock Market on Blackstock St.

The premises opened in April with several food traders, a bar, live entertainment stages and even a Hot Water Comedy Club. Blackstock Market isn't something you'd stumble across given its location. It's no hidden gem because it's regularly packed but it's not as popular as it should be. Regardless, with its arrival came Merseryside's first and only Burgerism so for that I'm forever grateful.

Burgerism inside Blackstock Market
Burgerism inside Blackstock Market -Credit:Andrew Teebay Liverpool Echo

I took to my feet and called in the day after my discovery. It was time to test whether or not it lived up to my own preconceived standards and my god it did in every way possible. I'd typically tease whether or not a venue is worth visiting but I'm dying to relay its perfection. I opted for the classic cheeseburger with skin on fries and a collection of dips - bbq, honey garlic ranch, and buffalo sauce. The menu is limited with very little wiggle room aside from toppings and no sides. Regardless, I wasn't deterred.

I waited patiently at my picnic table for a member of staff to deliver the food. It arrived in fairly sturdy packaging. The paper was black and stronger than most you'd find anywhere. The fries and burgers were locked away in their respective boxes but they were huge, warranting the majority of the tray they arrived on.

Unwrapping the burger, it's clear aesthetic isn't Burgerism's strong suit. You're met with a sloppy mess that looks like it may have been purposely squashed but I guess it's part of the charm. After a few bites, considering all the tastes, textures and flavours, I genuinely declare Burgerism as my favourite burger joint around. The meat was so beautifully tender and accompanied by the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and pickle, it was an explosion of flavour. The buns weren't floury, they encased everything neatly together without breaking down. When you imagine the perfect burger this is it. A sloppy, tasty mess that's simply utter meaty perfection.

The skin on the fries were lightly salted for taste without feeling overbearing. The portion sizes were heaping I didn't even finish them no matter how much I tried to tempt my already bloating stomach. If it wasn't the height of gluttony I'd have ordered another burger. Burgerism's Manchester locations boast wings and chicken burgers which are sadly missing from Liverpool. Here's hoping they update the menu soon.

I'm dying to go back for more and am very willing to make the trek to the city's outskirts on a regular basis. If you don't do well with cravings give it a miss. If you want your mind blown, head down to Blackstock Market.

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