Casualty fans excited to see Charlie Fairhead in an exciting new role

 Casualty - Charlie.
Casualty - Charlie.

Casualty fans were pleased to see a familiar face in the new BBC show Blue Lights, with a cameo from a much-loved veteran of the medical drama, Charlie Fairhead (formerly played by Derek Thompson).

The actor popped up in the new Belfast-set drama as a new character, Robin Graham, much to the surprise — and delight — of viewers.

Charlie Fairhead left the BBC's Casualty in March after a 38-year stint on the show, having been part of the cast since it began. It was an emotional goodbye - and it's safe to say fans of the character are pleased to see him back on screens.

'When you see Charlie from Casualty in #BlueLights,' wrote one social media user on X (formerly Twitter), alongside a meme of Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at the screen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

While another one writes, 'Derek Thompson aka Charlie from #Casualty is playing an absolute blinder in #BlueLights. No mean feat to be one of the most recognisable characters on TV and to switch to a brand new role and to make it believable.'

To which another responded, 'I just googled him as my husband didn’t believe he was from here. Was talking about Harry’s Game and I can’t believe his age and about his music career in the 60s . Haven’t got that far in Blue Lights yet. Trying to save it!'

While another said, 'Yep loving the new Charlie!!!'

Another fan wrote on the social media platform, 'I have watched Derek Thompson as Charlie for so long that it will be strange seeing him in a different role.'

While another commented, 'It's Charlie from Casualty NOT being Charlie from Casualty.'

Series two of Blue Lights began on Monday 15th April 2024 and airs every Monday night at 9 pm on BBC One.

Casualty airs on BBC One — check out our guide to every episode for all the latest news and spoilers. Tune in next week on Saturday 4th May to find out what's next in store for the residents of Holby ED.

Viewers can also now tune into Casualty at 6 am on the day the show airs on BBC iPlayer.