How Celebrity Big Brother history could predict the 2024 winner

Viewers of the rebooted series can look to the reality show's past to work out which housemate will triumph in 2024.

Celebrity Big Brother's 2024 reboot cast. (ITV)
Celebrity Big Brother's history gives some pointers to who will win the reboot. (ITV)

If you're wondering who will win the Celebrity Big Brother reboot, there could be some big clues hidden in the profiles of previous champion housemates.

The five finalists are Irish talent manager Louis Walsh, former This Morning presenter Fern Britton, Strictly Come Dancing dancer Nikita Kuzmin, Ibiza Weekender star David Potts and Coronation Street actor Colson Smith.

Reality TV fans might feel that there tends to be a type when it comes to who comes out on top in their favourite shows, and they'd be right — a deep dive into some key stats about former finalists shows that there is a definite trend in more than one area.

We look back at the data from former winners and runners up of Celebrity Big Brother during its 2001 to 2018 run and it gives some clear pointers on who could triumph in the 2024 series.

Do men or women win Celebrity Big Brother more often?

It's no coincidence that the final five this year is made up of four men and one woman — the data shows that men are crowned the series champion much more often than women.

Men have won a whopping 65% of all the CBB series, so it's bad luck for Fern Britton as a win looks unlikely for her going on past public votes.

In fact, she seems unlikely to even make it to the final two as an overwhelming majority of contestants in first and second place have also been men.

(Original Caption) Former boxer,Chris Eubank,Presenter Vanessa Feltz,Boyzome singer Keith Duffy,Comedian Jack Dee,Presenter Anthea Turner and Brookside actress Claire Sweeney enter the Big Brother house. (Photo by Ferdaus Shamim/Sygma via Getty Images)
The cast of the very first Celebrity Big Brother - for Comic Relief - included Chris Eubank, Vanessa Feltz, Keith Duffy, Jack Dee, Anthea Turner and Claire Sweeney. (Ferdaus Shamim/Sygma via Getty Images)

Jack Dee was the first ever winner of the celebrity series and it wasn't until series four that Chantelle Houghton finally bagged a win for the women — despite not actually being a celebrity at the time.

Series 15 and series 20 were unusual as they were the only two shows where women placed both first and second. 15 was won by Katie Price with Katie Hopkins as runner up, while Sarah Harding won series 20 followed by Amelia Lily.

Does age play a part in winning Celebrity Big Brother?

When it comes to age, CBB fans like their winner to have a little life experience behind them... but still be firmly within the age category that the target audience can relate to.

The average age of a Celebrity Big Brother winner is 39 for a man and 37 for a woman, with the runner up's age sitting around the same sort of mark.

As the oldest housemate, Louis Walsh looks unlikely to triumph at 71 years old, while Britton isn't doing well in this category either as she is 66 — something that has been the basis of her spat with Nikita Kuzmin.

Fern Britton gave Louis Walsh a head massage on Celebrity Big Brother. (ITV Screengrab)
Fern Britton gave Louis Walsh a head massage on Celebrity Big Brother. (ITV Screengrab)

However, it looks as though Kuzmin won't be on the right side of that argument either as the Strictly Come Dancing star is too young at 26.

Coronation Street actor Colson Smith could also find he is too young to draw in the votes at 25, while 30-year-old reality star David Potts is closest to the average winning age and is also the bookies' favourite.

What sort of star usually wins Celebrity Big Brother?

Like any reality TV series, the definition of "celebrity" amongst the contestants can mean very different things.

But how much does their day job really matter? Well, quite a lot according to previous winner stats.

It seems a Big Brother viewer loves a TV personality as they have been the sort of housemate most likely to win over the years.

David Potts - Celebrity Big Brother (ITV)
David Potts - Celebrity Big Brother (ITV)

Of the 22 winners so far, eight have been TV personalities — 34.78% of all series champions — so again, things are looking good for Ibiza Weekender star Potts.

It could also spell a lucrative career for him afterwards as one of the most famous TV personality winners was Rylan Clark, who went on to host the show and land a guest presenting role on This Morning.

Who is the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother?

Bookies BetVictor Casino have releases their odds for the series winner — but they look a little different from the results of their social media survey on who the most popular housemate is. These are the series winner odds:

  • David Potts - 4/9

  • Louis Walsh - 9/4

  • Nikita Kuzmin - 8/1

  • Colson Smith - 25/1

  • Fern Britton - 35/1

However, BetVictor also collated the number of positive social media comments on X about each housemate to put together their predictions of who the most popular contestants are.

Despite Walsh having the second highest odds to win, he drops down to the least popular housemate in terms of positive X comments.

Potts was named as the most popular, followed by Kuzmin, Smith, Britton and then Walsh.

Who has won Celebrity Big Brother?

BOREHAMWOOD, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 25: Rylan Clarke is crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother at Elstree Studios on January 25, 2013 in Borehamwood, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)
Rylan Clark won Celebrity Big Brother in 2013. (Getty Images)

Big Brother launched its celebrity spin-off in 2001 which went on to set the standard for the whole TV genre, and aired two seasons a year in its later years until the show was put on hiatus in 2018.

Here's who has won so far:

  • Season 1 (2001) - Jack Dee

  • Season 2 (2002) - Mark Owen

  • Season 3 (2005) - Bez

  • Season 4 (2006) - Chantelle Houghton

  • Season 5 (2007) - Shilpa Shetty

  • Season 6 (2009) - Ulrika Jonsson

  • Season 7 (2010) - Alex Reid

  • Season 8 (2011) - Paddy Doherty

  • Season 9 (Jan 2012) - Denise Welch

  • Season 10 (Sep 2012) - Julian Clary

  • Season 11 (Jan 2013) - Rylan Clark

  • Season 12 (Sep 2013) - Charlotte Crosby

  • Season 13 (Jan 2014) - Jim Davidson

  • Season 14 (Sep 2014) - Gary Busey

  • Season 15 (Feb 2015) - Katie Price

  • Season 16 (Sep 2015) - James Hill

  • Season 17 (Feb 2016) - Scotty T

  • Season 18 (Aug 2016) - Stephen Bear

  • Season 19 (Feb 2017) - Coleen Nolan

  • Season 20 (Aug 2017) - Sarah Harding

  • Season 21 (Feb 2018) - Courtney Act

  • Season 22 (Sep 2018) - Ryan Thomas

Celebrity Big Brother's final airs on ITV at 9pm on Friday.

Data analysis by Isabelle Marchand

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