Chip shop owner creates giant foot-long 'pig in a blanket' for Christmas

A chip shop owner has created a giant ‘pig in a blanket’ as a Christmas treat for customers.

The huge bacon-wrapped sausage is a foot long and contains more than 1,000 calories and comes accompanied by two stuffing balls and gravy for just £2.30.

Its creator Matthew Wilson came up with the idea to mark the festive season and says people have already been queuing up to get their hands on one.

Huge – the ‘pig in a blanket’ is a foot long and contains more than 1,000 calories (Pictures: SWNS)
Gimmick – Every year Matthew tries to do something to mark the festive season

“Every year I try and do something gimmicky for Christmas as an ode to the season,” said the 28-year-old. “This year I asked myself ‘what’s the best thing about Christmas dinner?’ For me it’s pigs in blankets and stuffing balls.

“But I wanted to do something different with it – anybody can chuck some bacon on a sausage. So I made a few prototypes and tested them out – they were absolutely phenomenal.”

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“It’s a behemoth of a sausage – it’s absolutely vast,” he said. “Especially with the stuffing balls.

“I had one guy come in with his wife and she ended up having to help him out. My three children shared one and they couldn’t even finish half.”

Popular – apparently customers have been queuing round the corner to get their hands on the meaty treat
‘Behemoth’ – Matthew says his creation is vast

Matthew, who owns Penny Hill Fisheries in Leeds, West Yorkshire, said it takes him about an hour-and-a-half and 7kg of meat to make 50 servings of the pork and bacon delicacy.

And it’s already proving popular with his punters.

Festive – the huge creation comes with stuffing balls and gravy

The father-of-three added: “The response from customers has been absolutely phenomenal.

“This is not a small meal and you’re probably talking well in excess of 1,000 calories. The batter keeps the sausage together quite nicely though and you can cut them into pieces and share them – they’re actually quite clean and tidy to eat.”