Cops arrest suspect who used 'special powers' to fix marriages

Cops arrest suspect who used 'special powers' to fix marriages

Police have arrested a man who they believe has been posing as a ‘love doctor’ with special powers to get struggling marriages back on track.

The 56-year-old Arab is accused of conning sparring spouses into handing over cash with a promise of solving their marital problems using witchcraft.

Abu Dhabi Police said they set up a sting to catch the suspect, who is an employee of a government department, after CID officers received complaints from women claiming to have been cheated by him.

"The victims said the Arab man took large amounts of cash from them, claiming that he would sort out their disputes and re-unite them with their lovers," said Colonel Rashid Mohamed Bursheed, the head of CID. The suspect allegedly told women he could control spirits and had the power to split up couples and get them back together.

"After police got the information, a female undercover agent contacted him, saying that she was fighting with her husband and wanted it resolved," Bursheed said.

The undercover officer arranged to meet with the man, who said he would bring magical talismans that could fix her marital problems. He allegedly asked her to pay Dhs75,000 for the sorcery service.

The suspect was arrested as the officer handed over the cash to him. As well as talismans, police said they also found herbs, old coins and other items used in witchcraft in the man’s possession.

"The man was exploiting the victims’ ignorance to earn money unlawfully," Bursheed said. The suspect has been referred to public prosecution on charges of practising witchcraft and sorcery and for unlawfully taking people’s money.

He confessed to carrying out witchcraft during police interviews, officials said. Colonel Bursheed urged people not to believe in witchcraft, reminding the
public that it is an illegal activity in the UAE.

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