Coronation Street casts Emmerdale’s Ian Kelsey as New Villain


Watch out ‘Coronation Street’ – there’s a new villain in town.

Former ‘Emmerdale’ star Ian Kelsey is about to walk down the cobbles on ‘Coronation Street’ after being cast as dodgy businessman (and all-new bad guy), Vinny… and he just happens to be an old pal of Pat Phelan.

“With Jason off the scene, Phelan is helping Eileen look after his business interests,” ITV revealed. “But he has big plans of his own - which is where property developer Vinny comes in…”

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Of course, Ian Kelsey is best known for the role of Dave Glover from the ITV soap, ‘Emmerdale’. And after his rather explosive storyline involving a steamy affair with iconic femme fatale Kim Tate, he became a household name… even if his time on ‘Emmerdale’ did end in tragedy.

But this isn’t the first time he’s switched shows.

Kelsey has appeared as Dr Howard Bellamy – a series regular on BBC’s ‘Doctors’, and also starred as ‘Casualty’ and ‘Holby City’ regular, Patrick Spiller – often described as Casualty’s bad boy.

It sounds as though he’ll fit right in as a Corrie villain…


But what are Vinny and Pat Phelan really up to? Unfortunately, we’ve got very little to go on at the moment… but in a recent interview, actor Connor McIntyre revealed that Phelan would eventually get his comeuppance.

“I’m not a fan of Pat Phelan, he reminds me of some duplicitous, machiavellian politicians and world leaders,” he said. “He will tumble, the bad guys can’t win. And we can’t let them win in real life too.”

But will this give Vinny an opportunity to take over the street?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Ian Kelsey began filming his first ‘Coronation Street’ scenes earlier today, and will make his debut on the show some time in August.

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Picture Credit: ITV

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