Cowardly killer ran from the scene of his latest crime but left behind a vital clue

A man who mowed down and killed a 15-year-old boy has been jailed again for leading police on a 100mph chase in a stolen car.

Leo Meek, 25, of no fixed abode, killed schoolboy Jack Jones in April 2021 as the teenager was out on his bike.

The 15-year-old from Moreton in Wirral had been cycling the familiar route to his aunt's house after spending the evening watching a film with his little brother.

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When he killed Jack, Meek was found to have been travelling at up to 55mph on a 30mph road. He then fled the scene, ditching his friend's dad's car and getting a taxi home, where he went to bed.

Meek was given a 40-month sentence for causing death by dangerous driving and disqualified from driving for three years from the date of his release. But last summer, he was back behind the wheel. On July 19, he stole a white BWM M135i and led police on a reckless car chase through Cheshire.

A police officer spotted the stolen car on Rivacre Road, Ellesmere Port. As the officer caught up to the vehicle, the driver - later identified as Meek - made a sudden turn and started increasing in speed and refusing to stop, despite the police car’s blue lights being activated.

The stolen BMW overtook multiple vehicles, tailgating them to force them to pull over. Meek reached speeds of more than 100mph along winding narrow roads - more than double the 40mph speed limit.

Jack Jones, 15, from Woodchurch, was cycling to his aunt's house when he was killed in a hit and run
Jack Jones, 15, from Woodchurch, was cycling to his aunt's house when he was killed in a hit and run -Credit:Family handout

Having lost sight of the vehicle due to the excess speeds, the officer rounded a corner to find the BMW had crashed on the bridge above the M53. The car hit the barrier with such force it dented it.

Meek fled the scene, abandoning his front seat passenger. There was extensive damage to the front end of the car, which was confirmed to have been stolen the previous week from the Manchester area. Officers discovered three sets of registration plates in the boot of the car.

Meek was confirmed as the driver after his DNA was recovered from the steering wheel airbag, which had been deployed in the crash. He was subsequently arrested and charged in relation to the incident.

On Tuesday May 23, Meek was jailed for 22 months for dangerous driving and handling stolen goods. On top of his latest sentence, he will be disqualified from driving for 47 months.

Following the sentencing, PC Cooling of Cheshire Constabulary said: “Despite already causing the death of an innocent teenager through reckless driving and speeding, Meek clearly had not learnt from this tragic incident.

“It is a miracle that no other collisions occurred as a result of Meek’s driving on 19 July. He put innocent members of the public at risk, reaching alarming speeds in excess of 100mph and eventually losing control of the stolen vehicle.

“Thankfully the bridge barrier prevented the vehicle from falling onto the motorway below, but the damage to the car and the barrier shows just how dangerous Meek’s driving was.

“Even after the collision, Meek continued to try and evade police by fleeing the scene, showing no regard for the safety of his passenger. Just as he fled the scene after hitting the young cyclist (Jack Jones) in 2021, he again failed to stop and was only concerned with getting away.

“However, his efforts were to no avail. Thanks to DNA left on the airbag, officers from the Roads and Crime unit along with crime scene investigators confirmed Meek had been driving, tracked him down, and he is now behind bars for his actions."

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