Craig Revel Horwood 'fell in love' with Strictly Come Dancing again during Covid-19 isolation

Craig Revel Horwood "fell in love with" Strictly Come Dancing "all over again" when he was forced to miss the show for the first time after catching Covid-19.

The longtime Strictly judge was replaced by Cynthia Erivo for Musicals Week in November after he tested positive for coronavirus, marking the first time he'd missed a show since its launch in 2004.

In an interview with MailOnline, the choreographer explained that watching it from home gave him a renewed appreciation for the series.

"It was an interesting experience to watch the show as a normal person at home because, usually, I feel like I'm working," he shared. "I don't watch it as an entertainment programme but I discovered it's actually really good fun. It made me smile and laugh and I totally got involved and hooked on it!'

"For me, it's work, so to sit at home and see all the VTs without knowing any of the dance routines or anything like that reminded me what a wonderful show it really is... I fell in love with the show all over again and saw it from a different perspective entirely. Now, I really understand why people love it so much."

However, the dancer noted that the audience can't see as many footwork mistakes as the judges because the camera doesn't always pick them up.

"I see the full body normally but, when you view it from home, there are close-ups and you miss some of the footwork. Things like that. You can't always see the mistakes the judges see so that's quite interesting," he said, before admitting being a judge means he can't sit back and enjoy the show like everyone else.

"Unless it's the most amazing performance you've ever seen and there isn't much to point out, which isn't very likely, I have to establish a critique in literally seconds so that takes the enjoyment out of it," the 56-year-old explained.