Daisy Edgar-Jones learned songs on a piano for Carole King biopic

Daisy Edgar-Jones is preparing to play Carole King credit:Bang Showbiz
Daisy Edgar-Jones is preparing to play Carole King credit:Bang Showbiz

Daisy Edgar-Jones has been learning Carole King songs on a piano in preparation for a new biopic.

The 24-year-old actress as been cast as the singer in an upcoming film adaptation of the musical 'Beautiful', and Daisy has now revealed how she's preparing herself for the role.

Speaking before the Golden Globes at the The Beverly Hilton hotel on Tuesday (10.01.23), Daisy told E! News: "I can now play 'Locomotion' on the piano, which I'm really chuffed about.

"I've just been learning piano, and I mean, I'm such a huge fan of her work and my mum bought me the album when I was young."

Daisy - who is perhaps best known for her role in the hit drama series 'Normal People' - is relishing the challenge of playing the award-winning musician.

She said: "'Tapestry' [was the] first vinyl I got, so yeah, I'm so honoured."

Carole, 80, previously backed the decision to cast Daisy in the role.

The singer observed that there are real-life similarities between the actress and her younger self.

She said: "Daisy has a spirit and energy that I recognised as myself when I was younger. She's a tremendous talent and I know she's going to give a great performance."

Meanwhile, Daisy previously revealed that she felt "lonely" amid her rise to stardom.

The actress shot to fame as Marianne in 'Normal People', but she recalled feeling isolated at the time.

She explained: "As much as I loved and am grateful for a year of consistent work, there were times when I was lonely.

"Really missed my friends. I just haven’t seen them. I was away for something like ten and a half months out of the 12. And that little bit of time I was home, I was jet-lagged. Bad company."