Davina McCall hits back at 'horrible' trolls as she's targeted over her weight

Davina McCall at a gala in March 2024 wearing a pink suit
Davina McCall addressed apparent commentary on her weight in a video message on the weekend -Credit:Hoda Davaine/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Davina McCall has clapped back at 'horrible' online trolls following 'frustrating' remarks about her weight, receiving support from fans and fellow celebrities over the weekend.

The TV star, 56, faced a barrage of remarks on her physique after posting a video on Instagram last Friday, with some users saying she appeared "too skinny" and "so skinny" in cruel comments.

Addressing the negative feedback, Davina responded to several comments before sharing a video message with her followers on Saturday.

The Big Brother icon expressed her feelings about the weight-related remarks in a candid post, although didn't single comments out reports the Mirror.

Alongside the video, she penned: "I'll probably regret posting this. I never normally do this. I'll probably leave it here for a bit and then delete .."

Davina McCall wearing purple in a recent video message to her followers on Instagram
She's encouraged people to promote positivity and refrain from commenting on social media 'if you can't say something positive' -Credit:Instagram

In her heartfelt video, Davina shared: "I just thought I'd quickly do a post about the kind of ... I guess it is like abuse, really, that I'm getting about my weight. It's really frustrating. I feel like people post these things and then they have no consequences because they can post whatever they like and be cruel and I just have to kind of take it. I'm actually just left sitting feeling furious so I thought I'd offload here."

Davina explained: "I'm a 5ft 6in woman who weighs 61 kilos. I don't diet. I exercise. I eat relatively healthily and I enjoy sharing that journey with people. I'm 57 this year and I'm happy with the way that I look, and I feel absolutely f***ing great. And so I just thought I'd post that there."

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She added: "I can't really do much about my neck and my face unless I fill it with filler. I don't know what to do about ... my neck is my neck. And maybe the light was bad or something and everybody's ... but all you have to do is look at the rest of my posts on my page and see that I'm not unhealthy. But this is ... this was, like, horrible. So I'm parking that there and I'm just saying maybe think before you post something. Wouldn't it be nicer to say something positive? And if you can't say something positive, don't bother."

The open and honest post received well over 28,000 likes within the few hours following its upload on Saturday night. Notable figures from the entertainment industry rallied around Davina, showering her with messages of support in the comments section.

Gabby Logan reassured her by writing: "You look bloody gorgeous." Suranne Jones came forth with: "You're amazing."

Danniella Westbrook sympathised saying: "I take abuse daily about my face [and it's] awful. You are amazing darling and you look amazing. Much love."

Judi Love expressed her support, commenting: "It's so disgusting that they would even [dare]! You are truly amazing and beautiful. As a woman it feels like sometimes you can't win. Too big too small! Why don't they comment about all the great work you've done and doing. How you've been an advocate for women's health, voices and more."

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