Death in Paradise: Meet episode eight's guest stars Andi Osho and Frances Tomelty

Death in Paradise always has amazing guest stars, and episode eight is no exception! Ahead of Thursday night's episode of the popular crime comedy drama, meet the two actresses set to be making a one-off appearance on the island of St. Marie, Andi Osho and Frances Tomelty…

Andi Osho – Precious Abellard

Chatting about what to expect from her character, Andi said: "Precious is a local cab driver and we first meet her when she is helping the soon-to-be murder victim’s son, Archie. They’ve come back from going shopping and Archie is going to make a meal so Precious is yabbering away in his ear giving him the recipe that he needs to cook. Precious thinks he doesn’t really know what he’s doing."


Andi Osho plays Precious

She continued: "Precious and Archie hear a gun shot and obviously that gets her attention immediately! They run down to the beach which is just off from the house that they are in and they encounter Olivia and she tells them that Robert has been shot." The actress was delighted to be appearing in the show – particularly thanks to the location! Chatting about why she wanted to be involved, she said: "It's a lovely show and it’s great to be part of something that the viewing audience have such an affection for too! You don’t often get the chance to film somewhere as beautiful as Guadeloupe, so both of those things together make it very hard to turn down."

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The 47-year-old has previously appeared on Mock the Week, Celebrity Mastermind and Finding Carter, as well as Lights Out and Shazam!.

Frances Tomelty – Olivia Reeves

Discussing her character, Olivia said: "After going blind, Olivia has turned her back on acting and moved to Saint Marie with her husband in search of a different life. Sadly (as often in real life) things don’t go as planned." Speaking about whether she shares any similarities with Olivia as an actress, she said: "Not so close to reality! Olivia is much more stellar than me. Closer to our wonderful Dames, Judi, Maggie et al."


Frances Tomelty plays Olivia

The 71-year-old certainly did her research for her role as a blind character, saying: "I did things with my eyes closed. Swimming, showering, dressing. Ella, our lovely producer, arranged a meeting with a young woman named Rilanna who went blind aged twelve and who is full of light. She showed me how to navigate unfamiliar spaces. To listen and smell and intuit where people stood and to read their differing energies. She remembered colours. She had pink hair and asked if I liked her shorts. 'Blue like the sky!' she said." Frances is perhaps best known for her roles in The White Queen and Unforgotten.

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