Denver Family Sculpts Mandalorian Tribute in Snow After 'Snowpocalypse'

A family in Denver, Colorado, took advantage of the recent heavy snow to create a sculpture of the Razor Crest, the ship belonging to the title character in the Disney series The Mandalorian, on March 15.

“The Mandalorian has been a show that every member of my family has enjoyed together. We watch as a family every week when there are new episodes,” Gabe Creek told Storyful. “So when I asked them what we should make, it was pretty unanimous. Even our dog watches and barks at the creatures!”

As of midnight on Sunday, March 14, the National Weather Service (NWS) had recorded 27.1 inches of snow in Denver, making the storm the fourth largest in area history, the NWS said. Credit: Gabe Creek via Storyful