Doctor Who Series 10 trailer unveils Daleks, New Monsters and more

‘Doctor Who’ is back… and he’s brought some friends.

After exploding onto our screens for the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special, it looks as though we’ve got our first glimpse at the upcoming Series 10. And while it won’t debut on BBC One until spring 2017, there’s plenty to gawp at in this awesome new trailer.

And of course, the Daleks are back, too.

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The impressive new clip sees Peter Capaldi back in full swing as The Doctor… and it looks as though Matt Lucas will also be back as Nardole. Although how often we see him pop up in the series remains to be seen.

The Doctor is back - Credit: BBC
The Doctor is back – Credit: BBC

We’ve also got a few new clips of the new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. And it turns out there’s a lot we didn’t know about her. For one thing, it seems she’s a dinner lady at a local university… and that’s how she meets The Doctor (who she thinks is a professor).

“I’m Bill,” she says. “I serve chips… he’s a professor, or a lecturer, or as I call him, Doctor What? And now we go everywhere – any space, any time. Now I see everything differently.”

Of course, it’s not just human characters…

The Doctor takes on the Daleks... again - Credit: BBC
The Doctor takes on the Daleks… again – Credit: BBC

The new trailer gives us another glimpse at the return of the Daleks – first seen in the cool clip which revealed Bill as the new companion. Well, it looks as though the Daleks are back for an all-out war. And presumably, only The Doctor can stop them.

But it’s not just old familiar monsters, either.

The new trailer gives us a fleeting glimpse of a whole host of new creatures, including some very GERTY-esque robots as well as a tree-like woman and a blue-skinned chap. I know, all very ‘Doctor Who’.

Who are these guys? - Credit: BBC
Who are these guys? – Credit: BBC

Will these creatures be good or bad? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

But it feels like a very long wait until spring 2017.

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