New DWP update for people on PIP coming to end of payment award this year and due review

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has confirmed that at the end of May there were 392,000 outstanding award reviews for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in England and Wales. PIP claimants living in Scotland will not see their award reviewed by the DWP as their case will be transferred to Adult Disability Payment (ADP) before the end of 2025.

If any of the remaining 172,954 Scots on PIP report a change in circumstances or are coming to the end of their fixed award, their case will be moved to Social Security Scotland.

As the number of new PIP claimants continues to soar - there are now 3.5 million people receiving up to £737.20 every four-week pay period - the DWP announced earlier this year that it is prioritising processing first-time claimants to get them the financial help they need as quickly as possible.

However, it has also taken steps to ensure existing claimants do not miss out on payments when their award comes to an end.

People with a PIP award ending soon will see payments automatically extended by up to 12 months, until the review process can be completed.

However, the DWP has also warned that some people may experience a “break in payment” if they delay submitting their renewal until just shortly before their existing PIP award ends - this may affect anyone with a fixed-term award, but without a review date.

If this happens, it’s important to be aware that PIP can be backdated to the date of the claim, which means claimants whose current PIP award ends and their payments stop, would receive any missing money to ensure they don’t lose out on crucial financial support - if their renewal claim is successful.

The DWP typically sends out a reminder six months before the award is due to end, asking if the claimant wishes to continue to receive PIP - and if they do, they need to make a new claim.

The latest DWP figures also show that 51.7 per cent of all new PIP claims are processed within the target time of 75 working days - just under 15 weeks.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request asking about PIP award review backlogs and processing times was answered by the DWP on June 27. It said: “As of 31st May 2024, there were 392,000 Award Reviews outstanding in England and Wales.”

It added that there is no timeline for clearing the backlog, adding: “The main reason for the length of time to complete PIP award reviews is very high demand for PIP. We are seeing unprecedented numbers of new claims being made. To manage this demand, and ensure cases are put into payment as soon as possible, we are prioritising these claims.”

The DWP also said that where claimants request a review, these are prioritised over department-initiated reviews.

The response continued: “We have been actively recruiting additional Case Managers to meet the additional demand. However, it takes time to train and consolidate new entrants.

“Our Assessment Providers have also been taking steps to increase the number of Healthcare Professionals they employ, but again this takes time and there is an extensive training period to make sure quality standards are met.

“For customers waiting for a review, we keep them updated using SMS text messages. We also ensure that all PIP awards remain in payment for those affected by delays, extending awards for up to 12 months where necessary and informing customers in writing.”

If your PIP award is due to end this year, make sure the DWP holds your correct contact details to ensure you don’t miss any review updates. Full details can be found on GOV.UK here.