'EastEnders' fans are wondering how long before Coronavirus hits Walford

Undated file handout photo issued by BBC of the EastEnders logo. They will be celebrating in the Queen Vic after EastEnders bosses said they enjoyed a "record year" on BBC iPlayer.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the UK, EastEnders fans have been wondering how long it will be before the virus hits Walford.

EastEnders has a tradition of filming some highly topical scenes and putting them into episodes at the last minute. Previous examples include the general election, the World Cup and even Michael Jackson’s death back in 2009.

With rumours that places like pubs will be forced to close, fans are wondering just when COVID-19 will make its Walford debut, and what it would mean for places like The Queen Vic.

Taking to Twitter, fans have been pondering the likelihood of the coronavirus spreading to Albert Square.

Shelley (MARIA LOUIS), Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes

One watcher wrote: “I'm surprised #EastEnders hasn't done that awkward attempt at shoehorning recent events moment with Corona virus so far... "Oi Mick you should get that 'Van Gogh' checked out"

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Another questioned: “So.....#EastEnders.....Coronavirus?”

A third joked: “I'm not believing anything about the Coronavirus until Billy Mitchell shoe-horns in a hastily filmed scene warning everyone all about it.”

While a fourth wondered: “Will the Corona Virus hit Walford?”

At the time of writing, London is the worst hit area of the UK with 61 confirmed cases. Northern areas like Yorkshire where Emmerdale is set currently have much lower rates so residents of the Dales and Weatherfield don’t need to be so worried.

But experts are predicting that the UK could soon follow in the footsteps of Italy which is currently on total lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of the virus.

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Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer has said that many thousands of UK residents are likely to contract coronvirus as the UK government prepare for a large increase in cases over the next few weeks.

EastEnders continues on BBC One tonight at 7.30pm.

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