EastEnders slammed for 'distasteful' funeral parlour scene

EastEnders’ confusing heist storyline hasn’t had the best of reactions from viewers in recent days, with the “gangster” plot already being criticised as hard to follow and “cringe-worthy”.

However, last night’s [3 January] episode saw the BBC One soap take another turn, this time with fans writing on social media as they slammed “distasteful” and “insensitive” funeral parlour scenes that received the show’s famous ‘doof doof’ cliffhanger.

The scenes were blasted for being ‘distasteful’. Copyright: [BBC]

In the episode, viewers learned that Aidan had hidden the money that he and his gang had stolen in the botched robbery at Billy Mitchell’s funeral parlour, with it later becoming clear that the stash had been stored in a secured coffin.

As Billy struggled to open the coffin at the end of the episode, the credits began to roll after the lid flew off and a dead body fell onto the floor, with Aidan shouting: “Where’s the money?!”

The dead body was seen falling to the floor. Copyright: [BBC]

Needless to say, some fans thought that it was insensitive to use the dead body as a form of comic relief, with others adding that the show had turned into a Carry On film.

Writing on Twitter, they said:

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm, and with it being implied that the money was buried instead of the corpse, we’re sure that there will be a whole lot of drama in store for Aidan and his cronies.

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