Emily Jolley: Mother who shared QAnon posts believed to have kidnapped her son

James Crump
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Emily Jolley (left) and son Terran Butler (right) ((Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake))
Emily Jolley (left) and son Terran Butler (right) ((Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake))

A mother who has shared QAnon posts on Facebook and claimed that child protective service agencies are involved in child sex trafficking is wanted by police for allegedly kidnapping her six-year-old son.

Emily Jolley, from Millcreek, Utah, has been accused of kidnapping her son Terran Butler after a court supervised visit on Saturday, 26 September.

On Sunday, the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake issued a press release asking the public for help in finding the 43-year-old and her six-year-old son.

In a statement, the department said that when Terran’s father, Timothy Butler, attempted to pick him up from the visit, he realised that Ms Jolley had left with the six-year-old without his consent.

The visit supervisor told Mr Butler that Terran was picked up from the visit by US Marshals, who told her that a warrant was out for his arrest.

She also claimed that Ms Jolley gave her mother, Larain Latter Jolley, documents that said Terran could stay with her as his father was going to prison.

The authorities confirmed to Fox 13 News that there is no warrant out for Mr Butler’s arrest and that no genuine US Marshals visited Ms Jolley during the visit.

On Sunday, an amber alert was issued in relation to the incident, which is sent out when a child has been abducted and investigators believe they are in imminent danger.

Ms Jolley’s mother was arrested on Saturday and subsequently charged with obstruction of justice, for allegedly refusing to tell the police the location of her daughter and grandson. She later told investigators that Terran was safe, but refused to say where he was, according to the Daily Mail.

Ms Jolley’s Facebook page showed that the 43-year-old has posted about the QAnon movement and shared numerous conspiracy theories, including ones that claim the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax, according to Heavy.

The QAnon movement, whose followers claim a deep state is plotting against president Donald Trump, has been identified by the FBI as an extremist group.

The movement also claims that a group, which includes top Democratic officials, of Satan-worshipping paedophiles is running a global child sex trafficking ring.

Ms Jolley also claimed that child protective service agencies are involved in child sex trafficking, and wrote in several Facebook posts that her son was “legally kidnapped” by the agency and the courts, according to Fox 13.

Ms Jolley has been involved in a court battle over custody with Mr Butler for several years, and has accused him of being involved in abuse and child sex trafficking.

In a Facebook post, Mr Butler’s girlfriend, Amelia Jensen Meneses, accused the 43-year-old of plotting the kidnapping for “months, even years,” according to the Mail.

The authorities have asked the public for help in finding Ms Jolley and Terran, and they confirmed that she is driving a blue 2008 Toyota Prius that has a Utah license plate with the number E847GT.

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