Emmerdale fans are behind Tracy as Phil reveals link

Sarah Roker
Photo credit: ITV

From Digital Spy

Emmerdale viewers were supporting Tracy (Amy Walsh) in tonight's episode as Phil revealed his connection to her.

The episode kicked off with Phil cornering Tracy in the shop after her husband David had left. He had previously said that they knew each other, but Tracy wasn't aware of how exactly.

Phil then locked her inside the shop to tell his secret, saying that he knew about her past as a prostitute. At that point, Tracy remembered that Phil was one of her former clients, and she was understandably terrified of her husband finding out.

She attempted to make it seem as if her husband already knew, but creepy Phil threatened her with an incriminating video. Realising what was happening, Tracy asked what he wanted, and Phil explained that he was fired from his job after being caught watching webcam videos of her, and now wanted £1,000 in exchange for his silence.

Fans were quick to respond that the sacking was obviously his own fault...