'Emmerdale' fans spot hilarious blunder

Laura Hannam
Fans spots a hilarious blunder on last night’s Emmerdale. (ITV Pictures)

WARNING: Emmerdale spoilers ahead

Thursday night saw Kim Tate’s masquerade ball descend into chaos as she was pushed onto a champagne fountain and her step-grandson Joe Tate was murdered.

But it was a hilarious blunder that got many Emmerdale fans talking. In an early party scene, viewers spotted a crew member crouching behind cast members – including Kerry Wyatt (played by Laura Norton).

Emmerdale suffered a major blunder on last night’s episode. (ITV)

One fan joked that it must be the crew member that was ‘gonna push Kim Tate’ and quipped ‘Not a great job at hiding though!”

However, the ITV soap was quick to laugh off the mistake with a humorous Twitter post. With the exclamation ‘SUSSED!’ they poked fun at the crouching crew member with the hashtag #BowToKim.

But this was not the only thing that had people deep into Emmerdale debate on social last night. Emmerdale trended throughout the evening on Twitter, with fans bickering over who pushed Kim, whether Joe Tate was really dead – and perhaps most importantly what a waste of champagne her fall caused.

And is Joe Tate really dead? A defiant Joe refused the £100,000 offered from his once loyal manservant Graham to ‘disappear’ from the village and was on his way to make amends with Debbie Dingle and face the wrath of Kim Tate.

But in transit he met the fists of Cain Dingle, who in an attempt to defend his daughter’s honour, punched Joe in the face. Tragically, Joe fell, smashed his head against a rock and appeared to be dead.

But is he? As some Emmerdale fans were not so convinced Thursday night…

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm.

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