England beer drinkers given new rules over street drinking in June and July

England fans to embrace German tradition by sinking Euros pints at corner shops as locals demand stores stay open late. England fans celebrating Euro 2024 - with the first match against Serbia tonight at 8pm - have been issued fresh guidance over street drinking.

German cities have stores - known as a "Späti" - where fans can buy drinks and then sit out on picnic benches consuming them. German journalist Kai Feldhaus said: "I think it is a very traditional thing. People would start buying stuff from corner shops, which are called 'late shops' or 'Spätis' in Berlin and Western Germany, when the supermarkets closed."

He told the Sun newspaper: “They would come and buy the basics, and then maybe have a drink as well. Then supermarkets started opening late, but it survived. You can sit outside a bar, you can sit outside a pub - but you can also sit outside a corner shop.

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“It is a good place to go for a quick beer, because people walk in and out, you meet people, its a really nice thing to do. In Berlin especially it is really common. These are the best places. There has been a huge discussion about corner or late shops closing on Sundays, and there has been a lot of protest against that because it is the easiest way to get a quick beer.

"Bring it on the road to walk somewhere, to the next location. I hope England fans will enjoy the corner shops, and I am pretty sure they will because England fans like their beer on the way to the game. So this is made for England fans for the Euros."

England face the Serbs on Sunday night before then taking on Denmark and also Slovenia for a place in the round of 16.